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Something for the Pain.

By @Snake-of-Eden


He was riddled with pain such as he had never felt before as his mother carried his limp, burning body through the double doors after the nurse. He was white as the sheet his mother carried him in. His body was on fire, his stomach was being twisted in knots. He was breathing, but it was shallow and noisy. Sweat beaded from his forehead, drenching him so his pyjamas stuck to his body. He felt himself being placed roughly onto a firm surface, he could smell fresh sheets and disinfectant. An unknown man asked, “How long?” Another more familiar one said, “A few days, but in the last two hours, oh my god. He just passed out and started shaking.” He couldn’t understand. Another voice, female, spouted a string of what sounded like gibberish science jargon as he felt something being wrapped around his left arm and his clothes being cut away. ‘Oh no, not my pjs, mums going to kill you.’ He thought to himself. His chest bare, a cold object was pressed against it in different places in turn. His head was violently jerked backward and his jaw pushed forward. It hurt. He tried to lift his arms to push the person away but there was no hope. His mouth fell open as he was dragged upwards. A soft object was shoved under his back so that his head lulled backward. A metal object was thrust into his mouth and a tube passed over it into his airways. He so badly wanted to gag on it. ‘What the hell are they doing? I can’t breathe!’ he thought of saying but for some reason he no longer had the ability to speak.

The pain had reached a peak and his body tensed up. Against all his will, he arched his back and his limbs became numb and stiff. He herd the voices around him go from measured and calm to panicked. His mother’s voice faded away. A sharp object pierced his other arm and something cold pushed through it. Stickers were being placed on his chest and a fast beeping sound came. His lungs were being inflated rhythmically. ‘Odd since I thought I stopped breathing?’ His body relaxed and the pain had lessened slightly.

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