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Something About You

By @aye_its_alana3

A Poem

Dear (Crush),


Something about you makes me smile,


something about you makes me want to stay a while.


Something about you makes me never want to leave,


something about you never causes me to grieve.


Something about you causes me to have butterflies in my stomach whenever you’re around,


I always seemed to be happy and I never frowned.


Something about you continued to shine,


and I was always looking for a sign.


Perhaps you liked me,


perhaps you did not,


but I still continued,


to like you a lot.


I think about you every day,


and I wish that you could stay.


Every song that comes on the radio reminds me of you, 


the lyrics and the tune are just all so true.


I wish I got to know you better,


and I wish I wasn’t such a fretter,


but I’m a super quiet person,


and I’m not very good at conversation.


I think you may be the same way,


but I don’t know for sure and I can’t really say.


All I know is that I hope someday I will get the chance to speak to you, 


it would be amazing and it would be a dream come true.


I’ll admit the moment I caught you looking at me,


I quickly looked away, it was such an amazing feeling…


A feeling like no other,


you were very nice according to my brother


and that is a huge reason why I like you.


Your looks, your athleticism, your personality, everything about you


and I wish I knew for sure if you liked me too.


Something about you has continued to stick with me even though you are gone,


and I can’t even imagine life without you, it just seems so wrong.


I am not going to lose hope though,


because you never know…


Life might just take you by surprise.


Maybe I’ll see you again


or maybe I won’t,


but something I do know…


is that even though we may be apart, 


you will always have a place in my heart.



your secret admirer

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