Solving for X

By @xxLizzyxx04

Solving for X

By @xxLizzyxx04

My teacher had tell a story in chronological order using sentences that started in alphabetic order. This was the outcome.

Chapter 1

After the bar, Ciel was walking home trying to remember the way back to his hotel room. 

Bristol was a beautiful city with lights and many cobblestone streets, it was quiet at night. 

Ciel was on tour and had wandered to a bar trying to pass the time until the bus left in the morning. 

Day time was not far away now, Ciel could see the sun trying to lighten the sky. 

Even though he had a show in the afternoon he refused to sleep at night, Ciel tried to sleep on the bus when they traveled between shows and then spent the nights out on whatever beautiful city they were in. 

Finn started the tour with yelling at Ciel every time that he came back after a night out but after a while Finn started to accept that this was the sleep and lifestyle schedule that Ciel needed to live and so he stopped pestering Ciel to come back to the hotel on time and with the rest of the band, instead Ciel parted ways with them after the show and regardless of what country they were in Ciel always managed to find a bar or club that he could waste the night away in, ordering drink after drink to drown the pain.  

Getting back to the hotel and bus was always a struggle but something that Ciel managed every morning. 

Having someone on the tour that was more mature than the rest was nice, Finn wasn’t actually a member of the band, rather, he was the photographer and videographer, his job was to document the tour and even with Ciel the way that he was, he managed to do a good job at showcasing the highlights. 

In the room, everyone was still asleep but when Ciel started to stumble through the door of the room, all the boys and Celestria woke up. 

“Just go to bed, Ciel.” Cal called, rolling over in bed. 

Kicking the covers off, Colby got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, passing Ciel. 

Leaving the door open, Ciel wandered to the bed where Colby had been and fell down on the other side.

“My head hurts!” Ciel yelled. 

“No yelling then.” Finn said as he got up to get some pain killers for Ciel, “Where are they?”

“Over in your camera bag.” Celestria said as she rolled over in the third bed she had to herself. 

Pulling the door shut, Colby came back to bed as Ciel started groaning. 

“Quiet, quiet.” Finn said as he came back with pills and a glass of water. 

Rain started to fall in the morning when the band and Finn packed up and headed to the bus. 

“Stop trying to start drinking already,” Finn said to Ciel as he reached for the whiskey next to the microwave. 

“Try and stop me, Finn. I am going to drink if I want to.” Ciel responded, taking a long swig. 

“Underneath that facade, I know that you are hurting and you need to talk to us about it because if you can’t talk to us then who can you talk to?” Celestria asked with concern. 

“Value your life, please. I can’t stand to watch you drink yourself to death.” Colby added in. 

“Why do you guys care so much? I’m going to die anyway and there is no helping me so you might as well let me go and die on my own.” Ciel shot back. 

“Xen is a term that means alien, do you know who is alien now? We don’t know you anymore.” Finn contributed

“You need help, let us help Ciel.” Cal insisted. 

“Zero promises are being made today, but I can try and get sober if you all help me.” Ciel submitted with a sigh of defeat looking at the band C4 and his photographer, who was so much more.

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    pretty good 1st chapter. well done!

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