Sole Crash Survivors

By @Grallingbo
Sole Crash Survivors

The floating islands have existed for years now. With the advancement in human technology, humans were able to colonize these floating pieces of land. But, as the days go by, more laws must be set in place to establish order among the human race. Though, a new law has been made: Every floating island must be controlled by a government. Now, the Flotilla have arrived to claim power over as many islands as they can.

Chapter 1

He didn’t remember much after the crash. In fact, it seemed as if he didn’t quite remember much before, either. His mind had permanently burned the sound and image of his inflamed airship soaring downward, the wood splitting from pressure; he couldn’t remember anything beyond those haunting details.

The poor man was obviously shaken up about it to the point where it drove him delusional. Daniel should’ve expected that when he tried taking the man inside of his observatory for treatment.

“I can take you inside of my observatory,” Daniel had said, trying to calm the man down. “I have medical supplies so I can try to–”

“Don’t touch me!” the man had screamed, timidly swiping his hand at Daniel’s arm to try and dissuade him from coming closer. “I’m bleeding!”

“You’re bleeding buckets! Just let me help you out here and–”

“I’m bleeding buckets?” the man stared down at his chest, which was oozing scarlet, to check if he was actually bleeding buckets.

Dan didn’t realize he was this dazed.

It took much longer than Dan had expected to ease the man’s shock, but, he had eventually managed to convince him to come inside. The journey from the decrepit airship to Dan’s observatory was long due to the man’s constant whining, but they made it eventually.

Dan told the man to sit down on the chair next to the door once they entered the observatory so he could get his first aid kit.

“Keep your hand on the wound to stunt the bleeding,” Dan said. “I just need to get my first aid kit.”

The man, though worried and frightened, nodded his head profusely as Dan backed away. Turning around, Dan swiftly dashed over towards the second bookshelf to the left of his writing desk and began to shuffle through its contents. Almost immediately, he picked out a red, leather bag from underneath a stack of books. He pulled it out from the pile, ignoring the books that came out from the shelf, falling to the ground in a cluster of pages.

Dan ran back over towards the man and slowly eased him off the chair, assisting him onto his feet. Since Dan didn’t have any other proper medical tables or beds, his own bed would have to do for now. He’d have to replace the bloodied sheets later, in case any of it got dirtied.

“I have to take off your clothes to properly take care of the wounds,” Dan quickly explained. “Um, what’s your name, sir?”

“My clothes?” The man seemed to completely ignore Dan’s question.

“Er, yes. We’ve gotta do it fast, please. I don’t want you bleeding out on me.”


Dan, with surprisingly good cooperation from the man, eventually got his shirt and jacket off. Though his hands were shaking all over the place, causing him to fumble around, Dan didn’t want to frighten the man any more than he was already, so he tried to stay calm.

Dan pulled out a pile of sterile cloth from the first aid kit. He pulled them apart and plucked out one, putting the rest of the cloth back into the kit while pressing it against the wound. The man was breathing heavily, so as Dan stopped the bleeding, he began speaking to attempt to calm him down.

“What’s your name?” Dan asked, yet again.

The man swallowed before responding. “Marcel,” he answered. “Marcel D-…” The man’s eyelids suddenly fluttered.

Oh, no, Dan thought, looking up from his hands to the man, Marcel’s, eyes.

“H-hey, stay with me here man,” Dan stammered, panic starting to rise within him.

“Uh… what?” Marcel’s words were beginning to slur.

“Your name!” Dan accidentally yelled due to panic. Marcel flinched to the sound of his tone, so Dan immediately followed himself up with; “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. Your name, you didn’t finish telling me your name.”

“Your name?” Marcel asked. “What is your name?”

Dan inhaled deeply. He knew he shouldn’t be getting impatient with a man who’s currently bleeding out, but he couldn’t help get the slightest bit irritated.

“Daniel Quatrisine,” he answered. “Can you say my name?”


Daniel couldn’t help but grin, then. “I guess that’ll work for now,” he said.

When Dan looked back down, he lifted the cloth from the wound. The cloth was dripping crimson, but the bleeding was still rapid. Hastily, Dan moved to the right and dropped the blood-soaked cloth into the trashcan at the foot of the bed. As Dan reached towards the first aid kit for more cloth, he said, “Lay down for a bit, alright?” 

“Okay,” Marcel responded, his voice quiet and weak.

Dan pulled more cloth out of the bag as Marcel, groaning, slowly managed to lay flat against the mattress. Once he had laid down, Marcel’s eyelids began to close.

“Try to keep your eyes open, Marcel,” Dan said, tugging the cloth apart and pressing a strip against the gash.

Marcel visibly winced, his facial expression scrunching up in pain as the cloth applied pressure to his wound. “Sorry,” Dan apologized, looking up at Marcel’s face. Just as quickly, he looked back down to his hands.

Oh, God, Dan thought, biting his lip. There’s so much of it!

The cut was large, nearly spanning all the way across his torso. Dan wondered what could’ve caused this, for there were no objects embedded inside of the slash. He’s had no prior medical experience, so Dan hadn’t a clue as to how else he could stop the bleeding. Dan saw that Marcel’s crashed airship had circular breaks within her hull, indicating that Marcel had been attacked by another airship with cannons. Whoever attacked him previously was probably headed in the direction that Marcel had crashed.

Dan didn’t want himself to finish that thought. He shook his head.

Focus, Quatrisine, focus!

If this was the only way Dan knew how to stop bleeding, he had to make it work somehow. As long as he kept it up, he would be able to stop it. Dan knew it, depended on it.

“Are you still there, Marcel?”

Dan looked up again to view Marcel’s face. Although he looked exhausted, Marcel responded, “Yeah.”

“Tell me, do you remember what happened before you went down?” Dan knew that asking this would probably be futile, but he took the chance to ask anyway.

“Hostiles,” Marcel answered. As he kept talking, Dan reached out for another cloth; “Raiders? I don’t know. But… they wanted to loot me.”

“Did they fire?” Dan pressed another cloth on top of the one currently pressed against the wound.

Marcel winced again. “Five times. Missed twice, but they hit the rest. Oh, God. They did my Mernika in.”

Dan assumed Mernika was the name of his airship. “Did you see how many were there?” Dan asked.

Marcel paused, blinking furiously as he thought hard about it. He swallowed before he answered with, “N-no. I didn’t. There were too many… I couldn’t tell…”

Oh, dear God, Dan thought.

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