Solar Toxins

By @NerdlyReading

Solar Toxins

By @NerdlyReading

*************************************************** All Gemini ever wanted was peace and quiet but with her friendship with the queen bee at the school and her mother being the principal. Gemini was never going get the break she wished for and to make things worse there's a new kid in her school who seems to have a particular eye for her . And the worst part about it and completely put the frosting on the cake is that her mother has been hiding something from her now it's up to Gemini

Chapter 1

Things Humans Say

Smiles and Laughs, ” I love you, I miss you” Are all things that a human says and do but some are not truly what they mean. I say these things from experience, My name is Gemini Smarts and this my my story of how I learned that sometimes after all the pain and hate there will be a sun to come. My story is a long journey so take a seat and have a drink for you will need it for what’s next to come. Let’s take a trip to my school Queens Academy, The estate private school which my mother owns but I never used that power to gain anything. Although I do not use that power for my wish it doesn’t stop others from using me, I’m not the type that people call outgoing or optimistic. I prefer to stay in the shadows, but I do have friends well at least I thought I did. Until that week when everything changed, It was a normal day for Queens Academy students. I was at my locker “listening” to my friends Asiya, Zuir, and Jaelyn talk about the upcoming dance, I kept quiet because it wasn’t like I was going to go.

“Gem, Gem”

“Oh, sorry what were you asking Zuir?” 

“Are you going to the dance on friday?” Zuir Questioned me with her usual innocent smile .

” I wasn’t planning to.”

“But Gemie you have to come it our last dance of the year!”

” Zuir you know that I don’t like parties.”

“Come on Gemie it’ll be fun!”

“O..kay.. But I don’t have an thing to wear.”

“I have the perfect dress for you, and can you get your mom to let us use the limo.” Like I mentioned before I may not use my mom to gain things but that doesn’t stop others from using me even my bff.

” I..don’t know Zuir…”


“I’ll ask” I said questioning my self as those words left my mouth.

“Thank you sooo much, your the best!” Zuir said showing her perfectly straight pearly white teeth.

So you met zuir my very Tenacious Friend. Zuir Hunskin has been my friend from when we were babies because of our mothers close relationship but I guess you could say that our friendship was one sided it wasn’t obvious to me at that time. I really thought that our friendship was true but I was proved wrong on that fateful friday night when everything ended. Friday came and I woke up having a strange feeling but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Cause little did I know what was in store for me that night.

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