A short ammature story on wishes, summer and winter.

Chapter 1


Beginning are always scary. Terrifying. Electric.

First snow is the prettiest. The most romantic. Wishes which are made when you catch the first snowflake of winter always come true.

Mine was summer.

It is given isn’t it?

Summer after winter.

But when you stand in the shivering cold and the very tip of your nose freezing, only then, you realize how precious summer is.

I constantly whine during winters, yearning for the blazing heat and cursing myself for wearing only a jacket with a thick sweater underneath whenever I go out.

Endings are always relieving. Painful. Hopeful.

I kick the frozen stone pebble and watch it bounce quite a distance away. All seasons come to an end. Summer will come, perhaps far too soon if my wish becomes real, and will melt away the frost on the trees. The snow crunches under my feet as heat bloomed in my chest. Warmth spreading through my body.

Only when winter ends do you realize how beautiful snow is. Catching light and reflecting it like diamonds when it slowly begins to melt.

Oh well.

Winter will come around soon to if I wish for it on the first cloud I find on the first clear summer sky.

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