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By @MeaningfulMee


Scarlet stood against the wall with her butt pushed out in a black mini skirt, her face was plastered in make up, her skin was stained with fake tan and an older boys hands were placed on her red tank top. Her bright blue eyes seemed to be calling the boys over, her perfect figure seemed to be their invitation. Everyone always stared at her, the girls with envy and disgust, the boys with a sense of ownership over ”it”.

She was the kinda girl who did her best mate’s boyfriend whiles also seeing her cousin’s. She was the kinda girl your mum wouldn’t approve of and would put her nose up at in the street. She was the kinda girl that you gossiped about with vile comments. She was the kinda girl known as the ”SL~T”.

She was the girl who did flirt with your boyfriend. She was the girl who did skip class to smoke behind the P.E hall. She was the girl that did had an abortion at the age of fourteen. She was all that but she was so much more then just that.

Scarlet had to have the voice of an angel along with perfect pitch. She could pick up any instrument and within minutes be playing a tune perfectly. At the age of five she was going places could have made it big time. She enjoyed it too, could work a crowd. She was made for it but as any artsy person would know school isn’t the place for different minds and certainly not one who lived in the council flats down the road.

Due to prejudiced and a capitalism she began to fade away.

School was bad for her but her home life might just have been worst. She was the result of a teenage pregnancy and her and her mother lived with nothing to their names. They were just getting by but her sister came along. Then their was less money going in then there was going out. Scarlet stepped up to the mark at the age of ten and began busking every night after school, there was no time for homework or play dates.

She was only twelve when she realized that one pound became two if her dress was tight. Her love for singing was lost at the hands of men and their chants.

She went into secondary school ready but it was the same system with primary so the same prejudice applied. She didn’t have money for lunch but realized that you don’t get hungry when your lungs are full of smoke.

She missed so much of primary school that the once bright girl didn’t get the lessons but found out that you don’t need to read if your skip class with the lads.

She never had a dad to hold her on the dark nights so tried to fill the void with older boys. Step by step she was getting more and more lost.

By the age of thirteen she found herself notorious in her school. Every boy had something with her, every girl had some beef with her and ever teacher had something to say about her.

She felt like she had to serve the boys, she didn’t feel like her body was her own and they know this so they took advantage of this.

Without any sex ED and a lace of self respect, she got herself knocked up within months. Scarlet was afraid she didn’t ever have enough money for herself, she didn’t ever know how to care for herself let alone a child. She tried talking to the dad but she wasn’t getting an answer. So with fear in her eyes and hate in her heart she did the only option left . She went to the clinic to get the second change ever body should be entitled to.

By the age of fourteen she wasn’t just the class ”SL~T” she was the class “SL~T” who had ”killed a baby”.

The house was getting colder and the plates were getting smaller. Her mother had been working hard but Tesco wasn’t paying enough to keep them afloat but Tesco and lady of the night work just about did. Her mother had giving up everything for Scarlet but she never saw her anymore. Between early mornings and strange men she was never home. When she was home she was thinking and think when your working in a job like that is hurting so drugs became to cure to her pain and Scarlet was all alone.

She realized that it was warmer in strangers beds and if she played her cards right she could get into them for the small price of her body.

By the age of fifteen Scarlet’s sisters dad had taken her sister away because her mother was running on of drugs and putting food on the table with an illegal job. Scarlet of course was left behind to live with and empty woman in an empty house.

She couldn’t it anymore her world had falling apart, if it had ever been together. Getting an abortion with no support, losing her sister, slowly losing her mother and being known as nothing more then a body was going to break any soul. To speed up the long nights and forget the pain she was in she turned to drugs and drink to stop the hurting,

”like mother like daughter” they’d say.

By the age of sixteen her pretty face was sunk in, her rib cage was showing, her eyes were empty and her heart was broken. Scarlet was still standing at the wall with her butt sticking out and everyone was still staring, no one having a clue that anything was wrong with her. No one had ever got close enough or stayed long enough to know any difference in her. She was still sleeping with a different boy ever night. Still hoping to find the knight that would save her but knights don’t save young girls like Scarlet, swords do.

Swords that she had like brains, talent and kindness. To bad that she never seen that in her. To bad she never looked beneath the surface to find it. To bad no one ever told her to find it. To bad that it’s to late.

Scarlet is gone.

But who’s fault really is it?

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