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Sleeping Routine

By @Rook Blonko

The Sleeping Routine

The summer vacation just started.So John decided it was time for him to improve his life.He had been sleeping late and getting up late in the morning.And it caused a lot of problems for him.He tried sleeping early but it wasn’t working for him because of his mobile game addiction.John also read books before going to sleep and sometimes he just keeps reading books losing track of time.

His grandfather was living with his family.He always went to sleep early and also woke up early in the morning.So he told grandpa about his sleeping problems.After hearing everything,his grandpa said,

”Son,here is what you can do,pick a time when you can go to sleep easily.Not too early,not too late.You may go to sleep at 1 AM tonight,and wake up at 9 AM.”

 “Hmm,so tomorrow I will try to go to sleep at 12:50 AM,right?”

“No John,you must try it slowly.If you try to go to sleep earlier and earlier it will be too much.You should sleep 10 seconds before 1 AM tomorrow night.And Every night,go to sleep 10 seconds earlier.”

“But it will take a long long time to sleep at 12 AM then!”

“Well,You can sleep one minute earlier if you want to.But the most important part is maintaining consistency.You must sleep 10 seconds earlier every night and wake up 10 seconds earlier every morning.”

Inspired by the advice,John went to sleep that night at 1 AM and woke up at 9 AM.Then he went to sleep at 12:45 AM that night.And woke up at 8:45 AM the next morning.It seemed very easy to him.But that night he became too focused on reading his favourite book Treasure Island.So he got late again,and slept at 1:20 AM.

Then he understood what his grandfather meant.It is not about sleeping very early for one or two days.He needs to make it work for a long time. So the next day he went to sleep at 12:55 AM again.A departure from 12:45 AM.But it worked for him.He started sleeping early,but slowly.And after two months,he made it a routine  to sleep at 12:00 AM.It was a slow process for him.But only when he tried it slowly could he succeed.

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