Sincerely, Leiya

By @WynniMac
Sincerely, Leiya

A guy gets his dead girlfriend's name, who died mysteriously, tattooed onto his abdomen and then strange things start to happen.

Chapter 1

Sincerely, Leiya

Even as I had walked home that night I felt something strange was going on. I had just got my ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed onto my right abdomen. I pressed my hand against the bandage protecting it from infection. You may think I am a crazy boyfriend for getting my ex’s name tattooed onto my body right? Wrong. She was found dead 3 days ago, we were still together, and the police nor the coroner know what happened and why or how she died. Of course I was taken in for questioning but they couldn’t keep me tied because I was out with my buddies, Gary and Mike. Even I don’t know how she died.

The picture of her lifeless body had entered my mind once again and I had pushed down on my tattoo trying to remember the better times before she went missing. I had almost felt as if she was still with me, but not in a comforting way. Like a chilly breeze, slowly killing you by frostbite and you can’t do any about it. As I entered my door, I saw a note on counter. I picked it up and saw it had 2 words scrawled across it. Sincerely, Leiya.

It was almost close to her signature but had an eerie feel to how it was written. It looked as if someone used her hand to scribbed onto that paper. I gave it no thought really until the next day when I took off my bandage to check my tattoo and the same writing that had signed the note had signed my tan skin. I had rushed downstairs to check the note again but it disappeared. I thought I must have imagined it, but then I heard a loud crash coming from bathroom. I had grabbed a knife and walked slowly into the room. Completely freaked out as I came to the door and saw nothing there. I wiggled the knife threateningly around when I saw my reflection. It wasn’t me. It was Leiya. The reflection started to come closer as if to enter from that world into mine. I saw the mirror bending and I had rushed out in time, but as I looked into the empty room again everything was as it was. I was going crazy.

Over the next few weeks, I had many other episodes including; seeing her name scrawled across my bedroom walls causing the walls to collapse inward toward me. Also hearing her call my name out after I woke from a nightmare covered in sweat. The eerie sound of her voice told me it wasn’t because she missed me. The voice continued every night until tonight. I had finally invited Gary over and explained everything to him. He just told me I was experiencing PTSD. That I really love Leiya and I didn’t want her to go. But I knew something was off. Ever since I got that tattoo…

The voice stopped and I stopped having nightmares soon after, I enjoyed those nights Gary spent over because I knew nothing would come. Gary had to go home to his wife and that morning he packed up and left saying that he was glad I was better. Even though I knew what was to come.

That night I heard nothing. Which for some reason I was even more freaked out by. So I got up and grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight and walked slowly down the hall. I jumped every time the floorboards squeaked. I was moving my flashlight around quickly scanning each room. The shadows danced along the walls as the light bounced off of them. I noticed something weird. I quickly stopped my light show and I saw a shadow not belonging to me, not from my light or anything around me, but it was someone around me. I flashed the light around trying to find my stalker but nothing turned up but I continued glancing at the wall seeing the shadow move closer. I tried to run but I was frozen. Looks like the frostbite had gotten to me. I felt the shadow grab me and pull me closer and whispered something. The voice sent chills down my already frozen back.

“Regret getting that tattoo yet?” The shrill voice shrieked into my ear. Before I could respond I fell down and I could get up I was stuck laying down. I wanted to call my friends but I know they thought I was crazy and they were just being nice about the PTSD thing. I felt a knife pressed against my skin. It was going to kill me, I felt a sharp pain in my right side of my abdomen. Right where the tattoo was. I looked down where it had cut me and the cut had healed already. The slab of skin with the name Leiya on it was laid onto my chest slowly. The shadow waved his hand over my eyes and I couldn’t even move my pupils. I was stuck. I felt a piece of paper. It was the same piece as on the first night, Sincerely, Leiya.

A few days later Gary and Mike came over to visit. I could hear the know but I couldn’t say anything or do anything. I heard them enter and scream at my lifeless body. Before I knew it I was being cut open and my autopsy was being performed even before I was dead. I felt pain I didn’t even know was possible. I wanted to call out stop but my voice was stuck, like it was before. I wanted to roll my eyes but again stuck. I could feel their hands in my body slowly removing my intestines to figure out my cause of death, and then it struck me, Leiya wasn’t dead when they did her autopsy. I soon felt my heart being removed and my body started shutting down. All I could see was Leiya.

Cause of death: Autopsy.

Sincerely, Leiya

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