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Beautiful Nightmare

By @Zero_Law

Moonlight spotlight,

Shining down on this beautiful nightmare.

Who would have known I would find you here,

With another none the less?

I came for an unusual escape,

But something tells me the bronze liquid is the only safe place from you.

How passionately you move in his arms,

And is that a kiss?

Love blooming like a rose in silver sunlight,

But every rose has its thorns,

And the lovers don’t always fill they way,

It wraps around the heart,

Binding, piercing.

A place this small, we almost brushed shoulders once or twice,

But you’re in a different world entirely,

While I’m grounded and six feet under in my mind.

What is the price for just a song?

A moment of your time?


That’s not how it should go.

You don’t know I’m here,

Nor should you.

All I’m worth is the shadow I’ve been tonight.

And just as a shadow fades in the morning light,

Lights come up,

Music dies,

Such as the whisper that died on my lips,

I disappear.

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