silver quartet knights

By @pixel_words

silver quartet knights

By @pixel_words

a banished lady who was the crown princess , a young girl who have a destiny , a dark boy who is searching and a wind man who wants to protect something

Chapter 1

i will always hate you

“Stella Robin Vertia ! from this onward our engagement is cancelled !” Sirius Amethyst Marine my fiancee also the crown prince of country Marine stood in front of me ,with face full of hatred . 

“(I was engaged to you when we were 6, you were the one of the four people who loved and trusted me , and only person who was my anchor. You said you would always make me happy and yet since that woman came and slaughtered my name and falsely accused me you never trusted me…..i begged you to believe me and yet….you knew how was my family and how much I struggle and yet ……you trusted me and you know i would never do something like those things and yet…..all the ‘I love yous’ were proved faked. I will always hate you until my last breathe , i will hate your very existence )”

” very well your highness , I hope you and your new fiancee finds happiness , excuse me ” I bowed and left , I can hear people snickering and laughing . People I considered my companions betrayed me , the person I used to love is hugging somebody else , the person who tarnished me , Lilith Vermil Malique person who stole everything from me . I will always hate you until the day I die , I promise in name of goddess Aileen and Priestess. 

My family is something people would call a perfect family , but you should not always believe what you have seen and heard , humans wear mask to hide their faces , same goes for my family , when a person returns to their house where their family resides ,they say ‘I am home ! ‘ happily , my family is not a family and my house is not a home. My family is full of ambitious and logical aristocrats , my mother and father was cold and strict to me as long as I can remember , they trained me and gave me lessons since the day i was able walk to be perfect so i can get into royal family and their social status can rise and even their business. As for my older brother , who should be my knight he was cold me as well. My parents and my older brother both never loved me , I don’t know what was family love.

But now I am no use of them as my engagement is broken, I would thrown out of my household and my family would cut all the ties with me . When people said family would always be there for you , I always used to laugh in my head . “heh , I wonder where will I go now ?” I laughed in my tears as the carriage carried me to the Vertia Mansion . 

Once I entered ducal couple and brother was there , my mother stepped in front of me and slapped me . surprisingly I was not surprised , my mother was formerly was a count’s daughter one of the lower rank of noble , she loves her status more than anything in this world , I meet my eyes with my father, his eyes was cold as ever as for my brother he had his usual straight face . They are my family still they don’t trust , how laughable . “gather your stuff and get out from this house ” , my mother commanded . “yes” ,since I was a child the only answer was yes or to speak when I was commanded to speak . I went to my room . 

My maid Rosa was standing there crying , my luggage was aside , I can tell what it contained without seeing , there must be some plain clothes wore by commoner , food , water and amount of money which would satisfied my need for 2 years . “mistress I will come with you ! I won’t leave you, i will leave this mansion !” rosa said this in desperate voice , “Rosa please don’t do this , unlike me your family is waiting for you every day back at your hometown please think about them , “but miss- ” , “rosa trust me , once I find a place I will contact you.” , Rosa objected by saying “then come with me , stay with my family then ” “no rosa , i will go alone ” . I patted her shoulder and got changed into simpler clothes and left the crying Rosa in the room . 

I went to the old abandoned church to spend the night , once I entered the church it started to rain heavily , ” thank goodness I made it here in time ” . After several hours when I ate something , church’s gate opened , there was the one of the person I trusted the most, my cousin brother Ivan , ” found you El ” , he was little bit of drenched and out of breathe “brother Ivan “, the very next second the tears I was holding came flooding out , brother just hugged me and said ” I knew I would found you here , whenever something happened you come here” , ” brother ! I didn’t do anything ! I am so sorry !” , he just caressed my hair while hugging me, ” First let’s go to Apian mansion , mother is calling you ” . Marchioness Isana Apian is cousin of father and head to Apian family , she didn’t married anyone and adopted brother Ivan from branch family . They are the two people I trust and love more than my family.

He led to the carriage , and carriage led us to the Apian mansion. We entered the mansion , aunt isana came running “El!” , aunt hugged me “are you okay !?” , she had eyes of a mother , I always wondered why my mother was like this and why aunt wasn’t my mother I was jealous of brother Ivan . He is my brother i can’t bear this kind of negative feeling that is what I always said to myself . “mother it is late now let El sleep here. ” “but brother ivan!” , “no buts EL , Ivan is right I have made maid prepared your room. We will talk tomorrow what to do , am i clear ” , “yes aunt isana” I just bowed and Ivan led me to the room , that night I slept in Apian mansion.

Next morning when we were in garden having breakfast , Brother Ivan spoke ” El have you decided what to do now?” “no brother , yesterday too much happened I couldn’t think”, aunt and brother looked at each other and smiled , aunt looked at me and smiled ” how about going to academy for mages ?” , “pardon?” i was dumbfounded brother Ivan replied ” remember last year during the yearly academy quiz , your academy was against academy Halm , you performed your ice magic and academic skill?” “yes i do , what of it?”. In this world people can do basic magic like storage magic , teleportation , telekinesis and barrier magic , but only few people have magic of element , there are 8 kind of element magic , air , water , fire , earth , shadow , light , beast and ice . The magic I have is ice , it is said to be also a secondary magic because it can do some spell of air and water.

Brother Ivan continued ” last year chairman of silver magician academy came , he was impressed by you and wanted you in his academy but was sad when he found out you were engaged to crown prince and you had your role , so he didn’t said more, but now-” , ” I have an option to join the academy ” . Aunt Isana said ” I know you won’t rely on us , but I know you have potential , how about giving a try ? ” ” aren’t the 1st level exams are over ? i can’t attend the upcoming exams for entrance ” , ” my lovely sister , rules are sort of different for recommended student , you would directly be put in magic trial ” . Magic trial is a sort of physical exam for testing your magic skills , my family didn’t care about my magic as I was going to be an empress , so they didn’t harness it , but brother ivan and aunt helped me to do so i can protect myself . Aunt took my hand and said ” I want you to find yourself , you won’t be able to do so if you are under the society , silver academy is union academy as well as silver city , they both are independent of both royal and noble society , something tells you will find happiness there “, “mother is right El , you are only 14 you have a whole life , now it is time to find your true happiness “. Being a magician, honestly it is a worth try ” I will do it!” 

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