Silver Blooded Book #1 in the Dying World series

By @RynnGoodrich
Silver Blooded Book #1 in the Dying World series

In a world full of tyrants, someone has to step up to the evil, to fight it, to extinguish it. Astetha is willing to do that. Though she is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, she will stoop to protect slaves, she will stoop to fix her dying world. But can she?

Chapter 1

The Cutting

I stare at my hands, which are folded in my lap. I’m so afraid of what is about to happen. The cutting. Those words spark fear in my chest. Or is that my heart crying for my brother, who went to the cutting four years ago and never came back? He was blue-blooded. Now he’s training to be royalty. 

The Cutting is a ceremony to find which color blood you are, Red, Purple, Blue, or Silver. Each different color of blood has different powers, Red has none, Purple can bend plants and animals, blue can bend people’s minds, and silver can bend water, fire, earth, and air. Each color of blood also has a status, Red is slaves, purple is citizens, blue is royalty, and silver is dragon tamers. Dragons are the most powerful creature on our planet, except, of course, for silver-bloods.

 My parents are both red-blooded. My brother is blue-blooded. I am about to find out what I am. I don’t know what to expect, my parents are both red-blooded, but my brother is blue-blooded. What am I? I won’t have to wait long to find out. It seems like too many nerves for me, a small, fragile ten year old. What if I’m a blueblood, and have to move away? When they took my brother, he was screaming for mommy. No one seemed to care.

Then I hear it, they are calling me up front. “Karnak, Astetha” The man with the knife calls out. I walk shakily over to him and let him grab my arm. He gently touches the point of the knife the the skin of my forearm. I resist the urge to flinch. He presses the knife down, and over, swirling it to make the symbol of my family. The blood that comes out is Silver. I am one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

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