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silent sea

By @isaacjohnson2020

two paths and one cursed

The Mediterranean is the paradise of pirates and a nightmare for European ships that suffered from the decadent and domination of the Ottoman Empire and the Ayala of Algeria, forcing them to pay their wages for passage and protection.

The kingdom of Algeria is a strong ally of the ottoman empire. Piracy and sea domination is corporative work between them.

On sunny day of 1600 an Algerian pirate ship roams the Mediterranean Sea heading in her course to London .

A light wind that gently moves the sails with a charming beauty of the sea, enthrels the hearts that used to see those enchanting views with a professional crew in every sense of the word doing their daily work, enjoying a painting of a tranquil nature.

Led by Salim Pasha, a man at the beginning of the 50s, moderate in height. A small well-shaped nose and also a mouth with dry lips. You can see his seriousness and his wripness in those small, constructive eyes as he stands in front of the steering wheel, holding it with his right hand that makes you respect him as a captain before fearing him as a pirate.

on his right His 22-year-old son, Ali, is beautiful in appearance despite his shortness, his long yellow hair is smooth as gold. A smile that has not been removed from that face, decorated with a wide-spaced eyebrows and blue middle eyes with wide skullings if you look toward that face you will see a small nose with a beautiful shape like the beauty of the mouth and those small lips without forgetting ears with a long grease that makes it an independant human being and a strong minded. Stubborn like his father difficult to convince also full canes show his good and love of others, as well as a prominent chin that makes him the most fiercest and dangerous in the future.

He’s starring at his father with a look of gratitude of being for him, Ali is good hearted man, full of love for his father. Contrary to him, Morad is a bitter person, he hated Ali and despite that he is less loved by his father,

Morad, 27 young man brought to life by the dark embedded in his heart a frightening thing that makes the person make decisions that will either regret it or destroy others, Morad stands on the right hand of his father’s standing showing the arrogance, arrogance and bad faith that turned his brilliant spirit into a grave in which all the good morals and qualities that you can sacrifice your life for the sake of a person, are buried. Morad is like his brother physically, the only difference between him is a scare upon his face and bit taller but that doesn’t make him any better. And about that scare on his face is due to a A naval battle against the Russian tsarists.

all this does not concern him but he seeks to control and rebellion  against the ottoman state which blames her for the death of his mother and because of his lack of patriotism , he was appointed by Britain as a spy at young age ” 18′, they gave him everything he wanted in exchange for causing strife within the kingdom of Algeria.

Salim turned toward his eldest son To check on him , he was looking at him also.

Intense silence roams the air, Salim looks at his boys, especially starring at Morad, sending warnings. Those warnings are obvious to Morad, he should keep his mouth shut or else face the wrath of his father.

Seconds later, he turned towards Ali while he kissed his head with great love. And tenderness As if he loves him more than his brother and saying With confidence and pride: Ali You are my only hope.

Hate and envy entered Morad’s heart,

a flame of hatred ignited within him that would not It is extinguished until it burns what is around it and turns it into ashes , The way he stared, full of evil towards them, explains to you the reality of the decline of that family who is slowly marching towards the abyss If fate does not destroy her, he will take care of it, muttering in a low voice Inaudible: I’ll show you who’s your only hope, I’ll make you pay for my mother’s death.

He tries to control his feelings and does not appear to be influenced by the actions of his father , It was moving his head in such a way that it turned out that he really did not care, with that sly smile adorning his face.

Suddenly he burst out laughing loudly without good reason or fun, made everyone turn to him after they stopped working Surprised by his unusual behavior, they are not accustomed to seeing him He laughs that way because he rarely smiles or laughs or even He talks to them,Salim Pasha, watching him in awe and astonishment, his heart says he has begun

Change, the effect of that magic potion begins to take effect, and his mind responds On him what wrong with him for heaven’s sake, throw him from this ship, and let Tifo take care of him

Leave him in his imagination, because tifo is just a tool that implements his master’s orders, he kept ignoring him, what is he hiding, what he is know about his son to

Treat him like this, it worse than espionage or betrayal of the homeland, it might have a relationship with Tifo but who is that.

Of the reason and behavior of Morad, when Ali uttered a strange name, a name that can’t be called upon any human and Resonant in every man’s heart , his reputation presides him, his bloody history of murdering and pillaging , and he is not interested in materials thing’s ,his obsession is doing sadistic ritual with his victims, goro, goro.

He kept repeating it many times without stopping, and he has no information about who he is, you cannot judge him, because he is just an innocent and kind-hearted young man.

Morad liked it He is very happy because he is the problem behind his brother he taught him things destinate to mature minds.

What morad said was not noticed of light heart by the Crew and Salim was petrified when hearing the name goro than Salim came back to his mind and ordered to stop staring and go back to work.

Salim pushed back Ali from his way and went straight to his son Morad giving him slap of great disgrace made Morad step back few feet and thoughts were running in his head this is my father, not only, he is the dangerous pirate’s of the seven seas. His deeds as pirate presides him, he used to tie people to barrels and throw them in the Sea and that what Morad was thinking the whole time after the incident.

Suddenly Crew member yelled with warning tone: captain the sky is turning red.

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