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Silent Boy

By @Elliette

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The night was calm and quiet in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido. Well, almost. Even though nearly all the lights in the city were off and people slept peacefully while being fully engaged in their dreams, you can still hear a few dogs howling proudly in the distance as if almost all of their worries had suddenly perished. Off in the distance was a particular house with most of its lights up. One could wonder what was going on there at such a late hour.

”Hold still,” spoke an unknown voice, which sounded like it belonged to a man in his late 50s. Sitting in front of him was a younger boy who seemed to be between the ages of 11 and 12. He looked rather scrawny and small with bleach-blond hair which reached only halfway through his neck. His naked pale skin was marked with red and purple bruises. His eyes were dull and he had dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in days. No sign of emotion was shown on his face. He looked sorrowful. He looked lifeless.

As the wet towel made contact with the younger boy’s skin, he flinched and jerked back a bit, making the older male in front of him sigh in frustration. ”I said hold still,” he spoke sternly with a hint of poison in his voice which sent chills down the younger boy’s spine. He didn’t respond but nodded and obeyed. He tried not to flinch again as the older male rubbed the towel that was soaked in rubbing alcohol onto the younger boy’s bruised skin more roughly this time. The younger boy looked down biting his lips hard almost causing them to bleed. Tears started welling up in his eyes as he remembered what happened only a few hours ago. He tried his best not to cry because if he did then the situation he was in right now would only worsen.


”Hurry it up will ya?” spoke a cold voice belonging to none other than the old man as he flipped through his newspaper meanwhile his feet were on the dining table as he hummed to himself. The small boy nodded as he continued preparing the green tea for his uncle. The smell of the green tea made him smile. It smelled like nature. It smelled like life. Once the green tea was done, he picked up the kettle and poured the beverage into a mug, and walked over to his uncle. As he was placing the mug on the table, he accidentally tipped over the mug and the hot beverage spilled all over his uncle’s lap.

The older male shrieked as he fell off his chair, which landed with a loud *bang!* The younger boy’s face turned pale than it was. Fear was painted all over his face. No matter how many times he opened his mouth to say something, nothing could come out. He quickly ran up to his uncle and helped him up with an apologetic look and fear on his face. He started crying, showing as if he was really sorry. Once he helped his uncle get settled, he was met with a jaw-breaking slap which caused him to fall on the floor. ”You little ****! Can’t do a **** thing right!” Said his uncle as he walked over to him and picked him up by the collar.

He looked into the younger boy’s eyes with no remorse for what he did to him earlier. Instead, he looked disgusted. Without a second thought, he threw the fragile boy to the ground harshly as he went to get his trusty belt. Scared for his life, the small boy began backing away as soon he heard his uncle’s belt shaking in his uncle’s hand. His uncle raised his belt up and soon, whipping sounds could be heard throughout the entire house. He tried to make a sound. To scream for help. To yell at his uncle to stop. To scream so loud that the neighbors could hear him. But his vocal cords had failed him. He tried to crawl away, but his uncle grabbed the rim of his shirt and repeatedly hit his thigh, making the younger boy cry more. Soon his vision became blurry and his eyes were so swollen from crying. He was covered in purple and red bruises and he couldn’t move anymore from the beating. After a while, his uncle stopped and threw the belt on the ground. He looked at the boy on the floor as he trembled angrily but the older male couldn’t care less about the younger boy’s condition. ”You ******* deserve it.” He said as he walked away


”******* deserved it..” the older male mumbled under his breath as he continued rubbing the rubbing alcohol on the smaller boy

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