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Signs of Transition

By @Tangerine

Signs of Transition

Julie licked her fruity sorbet and gazed into the evening light. The sun was setting behind the houses, the light bending and twisting in a myriad of colors. There was orange, golden, magenta, fuchsia, and indigo. Julie loved those colors. They reminded her of the frosty treat she was enjoying. 

She felt the warm breeze rustle her loose clothes and gently tied back hair. She heard leaves swaying and twirling on the branches, sensing a transition of seasons. 

A dog barked in the distance. 

Some lights flickered on, welcoming the night. 

Some doors opened, some got locked. 

Julie inhaled the scent of freshly picked vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 

She gently rocked herself on the patio swing, seeing the world in full motion. She then brought herself to a stop and sighed, feeling satisfied. 

The front door opened. “Whatcha doing, Julie?” asked a voice that belonged to her younger brother Sam. 

“Just relaxing, Sam. Just relaxing” replied Julie in her nonchalant voice.

“But you’re not doing anything.”

“I know.” 

Julie turned to Sam. Then she faced the setting sun and the sounds and sensations of transition. 

“Aren’t you upset that summer is ending? School begins tomorrow.” 

“No, not anymore. I’m just calm. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, after all.” 

Julie hopped off the swing. 

“In fact, I’m happy. Here I am, enjoying the view, enjoying the final sensations of summer.” 

She smiled at Sam. 

“I try to enjoy the end of summer, so I’ll begin school with a fresh and satisfying mind and heart.” Julie nodded contemplatively, mostly to herself.

She turned to Sam again, this time with her sorbet. “Have some”, Julie offered. 

“Thanks”, said Sam with a grin. 

Julie gazed at the setting sun, the signs of change, and smiled, her eyes glowing like the sun.

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