Signs of the Sun

By @Anime_Neko
Signs of the Sun

A rainbow budgie, born in the brooks that is away from the sun. There are rumors about the Moon Peacock possessing the first born chicks, making them have special powers. But they must beware, there is a price to pay. While that happens, Spectrumshine must find the cure to her blindness: or else it maybe too late.

Chapter 1


The tufted titmouse flew into the cave in distress, “Snowneck, The forest is on fire!” Looking through the exit, Snowneck found herself a whole tree burning to crisp. “When did this happen Tuftmouse?” “It started when my patrol came back to the nest, Redplumage severely burned his wings while trying to save his mate.” Turning back to Tuftmouse, Snowneck extended her neck “He tried to save Yellowleaves, you’re mentor.” “Yes, but we’re getting off topic! I’m assuming who caused the fire was Moonwing, you know we can’t trust him in the nest.”, chirped Tuftmouse. “I know I got off topic but you’re jumping to conclusions! Besides, how can’t we trust Moonwing when he saved the whole flock by himself.” Tuftmouse grinded his beak in anger, “If you don’t listen to me, the whole flock will be in danger! And before I send another patrol, I must tell you something.” Snowneck looked at Tuftmouse with eagerness. Tuftmouse cleared his throat, “Before Yellowleaves passed away, she told me ‘Beyond our home goes the new world and the rainbow will guide us there.’ What does she mean?” Surprised Snowneck responded, “I have no clue but whatever happens, we must find the rainbow.”

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