By @C_Matthews


By @C_Matthews

A poem for an unrequited lover, as all are.

Chapter 1


We line up.

Me against her,

Her against me.

In a battle to win,

That never should be.

I have the majority,

They know she’s in the wrong.

But he likes her seniority,

How she blends in with the throng.

I have them at my back,

With violent commands,

She has him at her back,

With the power of the man.

They’re rooting for me,

But I cannot win,

I cannot win,

I cannot win.

For she is determined

To be-long to him.

They’re advising me,

But I’ll lose in the end,

Lose in the end,

Lose in the end.

For he is determined

She actually loves him.

But she’s on her side of the warfare,

Standing strongly weak,

And I’m afraid I’ve lost my ability,

To be kindly and meek.

A war over love,

I’ve been here before.

But I regret to say,

That ne’er do I win this loving game,

Of war.

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