Short story

By @alicefricke

Short story

By @alicefricke

it is just a fiction story that i came up with and i really like it and i hope you do too

Chapter 1

Alice Fricke

Short story assignment






Andrew-9 months 


She was a young beautiful girl. Sophie was her name. Sophie had lovely long light brown hair, greenish-grayish eyes, and freckles. To some she was a basic rich white girl. That is not true though. Sophie was not rich and was making it on her own. She was twenty and adopted Andrew, her 9 month old son. He has been with her since he was born. Her best friend had him but died giving birth and wanted Sophie to raise him. This all happened while she was just starting out living in Paris, France.

For being a young mom with no help, Sophie is amazing. Sophie is a waitress at a restaurant called Bon Appetite. She was also a cashier and a cook. The job she has, she got it when she first moved here from Barcelona. All her family and friends are there. Except for Alec, she met him when she got there. Alec is twenty-two and they have been best friends ever since she moved here.

Even though she works at a restaurant, she wasn’t happy. She loves designing clothes she makes and what other people want. Sophie wants her own business. Alec supports her and is always there for her. It is just he hasn’t told her his deepest secret towards her though.

Alec loves Sophie and her son. He wants to be in their lives. Alec wanted to tell her but the timing was off and something wasn’t right. Every day the restaurant got slower and slower. Sophie became her roommate when she moved in with him. She helps pay rent but she couldn’t afford it on her own. Andrew loves it when Alec is around.

Sophie decided it was time to start her own business. She loves designing clothes. So, she started renting a small building to start her business. Sophie already had everything she needed to start it now and got on it. Two weeks went by and her business was roaring. Sophie was so happy, until today. When she was sitting on the couch with Alec everything went downhill. They were just sitting there talking and Alec said he loved her. He also told her he wanted to be with her. Sophie said okay and just started to ignore him. Sophie didn’t like that it was awkward between her and Alec. Ever since she moved in with Alec everything has been awkward.

Everything was just weird and strange. Alec just thought she wanted to be friends and that is it. He just picked the wrong day and time to tell her his feelings. An hour before, she got a call saying that her little twin brothers had died. Sophie just didn’t want to tell Alec until she was leaving. Alec let her go and he watched Andrew until she got back.

Sophie arrived and she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want it to be true. Seeing her twin brothers lying dead in a coffin and watching them be buried was hard for her. She started thinking that she should have never moved and stayed here with her family. Everything was going wrong she thought. Sophie cried and just kept trying to comfort her family. It has been 5 days and she had and was ready to go home. Sophie hated leaving her family like that but she wanted and needed to go home to Andrew.

When she got home, she got a big surprise. A candlelight dinner, roses, and rose pedals on the floor. Before she sat down though, she went to kiss Andrew goodnight. When she came back to sit down and eat she got another surprise. Alec started talking and said to her “Sophie, I have feelings for you and Andrew. I have for a while and will always have them for you. I know everything about you: the way you take care of Andrew, that your favorite color is green and blue, you love taco soup, and you cuddle up on the couch with Andrew in an onesie on rainy days just to watch old Disney movies together. Every day I learn more and more about you. I fall more in love with you and Andrew every day. I just want to know if you have feelings for me. You’re intelligent, kind, trusting, confident, out-going, and a great mother/best friend. So do you have and kind of feelings for me?

Sophie started crying and smiling. She knew she had feelings for him but was scared to tell him because she did not want anything to go wrong. Sophie started to think what she was going to say. Then she said “Alec, I do have feelings for you. The way you feel about me is the same way I feel about you. I don’t want to get hurt and have Andrew attached to you then you leave. I have to consider mine and his feelings. I also have to consider what is best for Andrew. I am really sorry Alec.” She felt bad and started to walk away. Sophie was saying to herself “I’m a good mother, have my own business, should I leave with Andrew, should I go away for a while, and should I try to date Alec. Andrew already loves him.” When she turned around she hit her knees to the floor and started crying.

When she turned around there was Alec. Alec was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He said “I love you and Andrew more than anything. I would never hurt you or him. Your my best friend and it will always be that way. I want to always be there for you and him. Will you marry me?”

Sophie was in tears and nodded yes. She was so happy and knew Andrew would have a great father. For her everything fell into place. Sophie made a good decision for her and Andrew.

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