Short Stories: Death

By @TheRealAuthor

Short Stories: Death

By @TheRealAuthor

Just a collection of short stories based around death and the concept of death.

Chapter 1

I never understood you...

You sit there telling me about your day while I’m just trying to do my homework. In class you peek over my shoulder and whisper about how Einstein found a better way to do the exact same problem I was doing. You talk about times that have been and have yet to be. Even though I’ve told you time and time again to go away, leave me alone, and go do your job. I never understood that you were doing your job.

They say you see death before he comes to get you, but they never talk about when death just wants to talk. No one tells you about how everybody, everybody gets lonely sometimes. How everybody needs someone to talk to. So when death does show up and tells you about how life is such a pain in the ass, you never know what to do. Usually the shock ends up killing you faster than death does. Which is kind of ironic. It’s a kind of ironic world we live in if you think about it.

People advocate for rights for years, yet they die before seeing what they accomplished. Doctors researching cures for a disease who die from that same disease. Safety instructors who die from not watching where they step. The world is so ironic… and so predictable. Although, I guess it’s easy when you have death telling you everything you need to know.

But death telling me everything I needed to know, was him doing his job. I remember yelling at him almost every day to get out of my room, leave me alone, and go collect some souls or something. But what I didn’t know, was that he was collecting MY soul. It just took a few years is all.

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