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By @HotDarkCocoa189

Last Lullaby (Story)

It was too late. The house was engulfed in flames. The fire surrounded us, trapping us in the kitchen. 

“Mom, im scared” said a small whisper. I look down at my daughter, who may die in this fire. I couldn’t let that happen 

“Its gonna be ok, you’ll be ok” I touched her forehead and recited words in latin


At this, the small girls eyes fluttered and he fell soundly asleep. At least she wouldn’t have to see this. I looked at my husband, who was fighting off flames, then back at my children.

“Its time” 

We sat around the kids, holding hands and praying for their safety.  Then we began. 

“Sleep my dear, they’ll come a time, when you must face the world

Sleep my dear, cause when it comes, you stray far away from here” 

The song was a simple one, but it was one filled with meaning, which would hopefully inspire our kids to live out their lives fearlessly. If they had been more fearless, maybe they would have survived… 

“Sleep my dear, dont live in fear

Cause when the times comes, you’ll be far away, my dear” 

The ceiling started to creek and the wood, bending but we continued, not wanting to fail their last spell, the Last Lullaby to our kids. As the smoke grew heavy and our breath labored, we finished the song. 

“So sleep my dear, they’ll come a time when ill have to go

You’ll be far away from me, but you’ll never be alone.” 

With the last of our remaining magic, we attached the souls of the kids to earth and pushed them out of harms way. The bodies faded away, leaving us alone. Tears spilled down my face as i thought of what I’ve done, and what i couldn’t. A soft hand wiped them away. 

“There was nothing else we could do. They will be ok, We will be ok.”

He engulfed me in a tight hug, and even though his act was strong, i could feel his tears on my shirt. The wood started to snap, the roof was finally going to collapse. As i looked at my children, for a final glance, i froze in horror as a little boy’s eyes flickered open, and widened in horror of the sight. Our eyes locked and suddenly everything was quiet. The last thing i heard of my children, was Nanami’s pain.


And the house caved in.

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