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By @HotDarkCocoa189


She awoke, immediately sitting up and regretting it. The Throbbing pain in her head made sure of it. Her yelp in pain had informed her girlfriend, Connie that she was awake.

“Oh my god, JESSICA!” She smiled and hugged me through her tear-streaked face

“Connie? The hell happened” She tried to get off the bed, only to be stopped by Connie. 

“You should rest, you’ve been out for days..”

“How Many days?-“

“Well, um-“

“How Many.”

“5. 5 days Jess..”

She repeated the words, then it hit her

“Oh… oh, im so sorry Connie.. you were probably worried sick, im sorry… im ok now”

This is apparently what the girl needed to hear  because She hugged her girlfriend tightly and cried. In response, Jessie kissed her head and stroked her hair

“Its ok baby, just.. let it out..”

“Please, Never do that again..”

“I wont…”

Jessie pulled the girls face to hers and kissed her briefly, but she wasn’t ready to let up. Connie returned it, with a long, sloppy kiss that Jessie didn’t expect. As they parted for breath, they rested their heads together, fingers intertwined. 

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