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By @HotDarkCocoa189

The Meadow : An Unlucky Short Story


she looked up in fear as it neared her, and I sighed. Damsels in distress were not my thing. As I went to save her, she disappeared.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one confused, because the minotaur stumbled and stopped in its tracks. 

“The hell, is she a witch?!”

“I’m not a witch-“

“Ah! The hell! Where did you”

“Hi, im Amalie! I have a lot of bad luck, hence the minotaur” she pointed to the minotaur, racing towards us.

“**** it!” I grabbed her wrist and ran through the forest, trying to lose the minotaur in the trees.

“H-hey, stop!” She shouted. She seemed completely out of breath. Of all the days to have bad luck, this was the one. I quickly pulled her behind a tree and covered her mouth to muffle her sound. We have only been running for a few minutes, but she looked ready to pass out. Thats when i realized how close to me she actually was. I could feel her breath on my chest as she tiredly clung to me.  

“****, really pulled the short straw at birth huh?”

“Yeah” she replied through breaths. “Sucks that luck is hereditary.”

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