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By @HotDarkCocoa189

The Whisper

I hear it every night, the whisper. it comes, bring strong freezing winds, and goes, leaving them behind. every night its something different, but always the same. it tells me things. it tells me its my fault, everything is my fault, nothing is my fault. it came tonight, but carrying a different tune. not of faults, but mistakes. i heard it every night, every night. i need it to stop. when i tell , they never believe me. they say I’m crazy, to stay away from her. they try to take me away, but i refuse to leave, until its silent. it gets louder and louder, and i cant shut it out. its cold, so cold, but the words burn. it never shuts up! its calls me, “Marley”, but i don’t remember if its correct. I’ve been alone for decades, or days. the whisper has been here since I’ve been alone. it wasn’t my fault, but it was. he jumped, but i couldn’t stop him. they hate me. they hate me because of him. because of the whisper, thy hate me. they think I’m crazy, but no, im not crazy. its quiet, then it screeches. i wasn’t in control, it was the whisper. i didn’t mean to. his blood on my hands, no the whispers hands. it told me to do it, it told me to kill him. you know think I’m crazy, don’t you? I’m not crazy, cant you hear it? it seeps through the cracks, and under the door, into the closet and over the desk. its cold. it makes me cold, like metal, metal seeping into his flesh, red paint split over the bridge, a new coating. It was dry, sticky, and red. it gets colder and colder.. it was the whisper. it killed him, it wasn’t me! it wasn’t me. it echoes through the halls, cant you hear it? its cries, it blames them on me. but it wasn’t me. its eyes, cold, its silent heartbeat. I’m not crazy, you just don’t understand. its coming for us, and there will be no stopping it. its back, The whisper. The whisper tells me… it tells me it will go away.. if i do this. if i do it once more. it tells me this will hurt. this will only hurt for a little while..

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