Shiva’s Scriptures

By @heidii

Shiva’s Scriptures

By @heidii

Chapter 1

As the last of mankind who managed to stay safe in their surroundings escapes planet Venus from an outbreak of flesh burning conditions making it unlivable, a young man named Ray Toro is frightened about the possibilities that could occur during and after their trip. As he was being devoured in his own terrifying thoughts, the leadman began to speak in a thundering tone “Alright men we’ve got to leave now and we’ve got to leave fast! Now I need everyone’s full attention 100% of the time, we have no idea what could occur on the way to our destination, we don’t even know what it is but the only way we can find out if its safe or not, is to travel there and see the conditions for ourselves. At this point… we have no choice.” “TORO!” Ray jolts his attention to the leadman “If I cant receive your full attention, then you can step right off and have your eyes melt away as the last thing you’re seeing is your skin exploding right in front of them! Alright?? We don’t need any good for nothing absent minded slip ups to cause us burdens.” with a shuddering nod for Rays response they continued there evacuation plan and left as soon as possible as an attempt to abandon this tragic crisis to save their lives.

The transferring process was miserably endless. A few men had died due to the state of the trip or the previous injuries they had already been suffering. They reached their destination they hoped to call home. Although Toro was left anxious, and slightly anguished he was eager to get off and find someplace that met his expectations so all his worries would finally be at ease. They all stayed together preparing themselves the best they could for the worst, they were relieved as the temperatures of the planet caused them no harm and it felt nice, they began to feel successful. Now they only had to worry about what could be lurking.

They started searching for other forms of life, and after a total of 3 days they came upon what they hoped was a civilization. But these lives were no humans, they almost all looked infected, glabrous, and unnatural with their bone structure looking as if it were about to rip through their filthy pale exposed skin any minute, with their malicious eyes and their bent and twisted limbs the sight was quite disturbing. Ray and the other men were horrified. but they were determined to stand there ground. Trying to communicate with them was tough, any effort that was successful always lead to seer replies from them that were practically impossible to put together to where it made any sense, and they often repeated the name “Shiva” Just then when they had decided to cleanse there new home of their kind, one of the individuals wanted to show them their way of life, they agreed and followed them.

It soon became obvious they where an enormous cult with strong beliefs, everything they has shown them was very deranged, severed heads and other unknown body parts of monstrous species that couldn’t be recognized scattered laying in dried puddles of blood. There where piercing screeches heard in the distance where there own distorted kind ripped each other apart for something to devour. These grotesque creatures where too unsettling for the likes of them, at this point the men were too petrified to do anything, they just tried to stay on there good side in the fear of being torn apart alive or sacrificed.

Out of all these men, Ray Toro seemed to stand out the most due to his big curly hair that fluffed out. These creatures being unfamiliar too hair, were especially drawn to his, they desired to touch it, rip it out, even scalp him and keep it to admire like a prize. Crowding around him they started to hang all over him touching him with their thin, disfigured hands. Ray was sure that this was it for him, until one of the other more fearless men put a gun to them “you better keep your space you mutant shits!” he yelled out, other men pulled out their guns too. The creatures clasped onto him tighter with their clammy palms and let out a deafening inhuman screech in response, leaving Ray with a loud ringing in his ears and it surprised him that he could still hear his anxious heart pound in his chest even louder. All of a sudden a gunshot fired through one of these creatures causing the rest of them to shrill and jump off Ray and onto the man who decided to get brave, ripping him apart with their own hands, Ray had never seen such a sight, the man screamed bloody murder until he was silenced by his own horrible fate. They had to leave, they couldn’t stay here.

They decided to leave as soon as the others had lost focus of them. They didn’t want trouble, they just wanted a place they could call their own, and it certainly wasn’t here. It took them 3 days to get back to their traveling source, they decided to travel to their back up resource. They were headed for Edge City on planet Neptune, By the time they got there they truly felt that if this was just as bad as the other places they had tried to live in that the planets mountains and rocks shall cave in on them burying them alive along with whatever was already on the environment so they wouldn’t have to deal with it any longer. Ray was tired of feeling agitated he just wanted to rest.

As they came upon Edge City, they didn’t have to search for the living, it was all over, finally a civilization they were hoping would work and stay that way for once. And it was going smoothly, they had bonded and made peace with the others who lived in Edge City, they had also befriended a witch who shared the same curly hair as Ray, and the same pure heart that he had. Her name was Candy and Ray especially favored her he thought that she was a doll. He finally felt happy when he was with her and he could tell she was happy as well, but unfortunately it only stayed that way for a hot minute.

Just when they believed Edge City was the answer to their prayers, a sudden outburst had occurred as Typhon invaded Neptune The other men were tired of running around and didn’t seem to care as much as they should. But after he had captured Candy along with a group of other witches and ordered that they have their fingernails peeled back one by one, they had to leave once again and when she and Ray reunited, Candy led Ray to one of her more confidential rooms to show them their only chance. A time machine. Small enough to fit into the hands of a human. “I’m not going alone and i’m not leaving you here, we have to leave as soon right now.” was the only thing she had to say. Ray looked into her soft eyes as he held her delicate hands that were now damaged. He was sure that this is what he wanted, she leaned in putting her head against his chest as he held her in his arms. They were absolutely unprepared for the worst but the safeness of each other was comforting. And with a click of a button they vanished.

They had traveled into the future on planet Earth, as far as they knew they had absolutely no idea where they where, and they definitely stood out so they never left each other’s side. They had stayed there for possibly half a year but then eventually they stole a chevy malibu and filled it with things that seemed helpful including something Ray found deep in the forest they had appeared in. a book, a book that had a familiar word on it “Shiva” a word he had heard before Edge City and after Venus. along with familiar symbols that he had seen dripping down walls in red blood, he knew instantly what this had to do with. He shuddered at the flashbacks and turned completely white as chills ran up and down his spine as he held the filthy worn out old book in his hands. He felt like he needed to keep it with him and so he did.

They clicked the button once again too head back to Edge City. But this time something was wrong, it stopped and as there plans were spoiled, they had appeared somewhere unfamiliar, at least for Candy. Ray knew exactly where he was and he immediately started freaking out, but fortunately they were not around those same terrifying creatures, but this didn’t stop Ray from completely panicking. “Candy, click the button, click it, this is not a safe place!” she repeatedly clicked the button but nothing would happen. Ray had his hands on his head and his eyes shut tight as he frantically paced the dry ground. Seeing him like this made Candy feel sad and worried she just wanted to comfort him. She went over to him and grabbed his hands, wrapping them around her and pulling him into a hug, whispering comforting words in her soft voice. Although she had no idea where she was, she instantly knew it was horrible from the reaction that Ray had. But since they had a car, they drove around the dusty wastelands, and they came upon a mob of the familiar creatures. And when they got close, Ray floored it running over a few of them and he didn’t let his foot off the gas for a while.

Soon the car ran out of gas and they were surrounded by large quantities of them. They surrounded the car they even got on top of the vehicle. Ray held Candy close to him, in a protecting way, he didn’t want anything to happen to her, Candy had never been more terrified in her life, she buried her face into his chest, Ray knew it was his time to be brave, and he was trembling in fear, but he wasn’t gonna back down, not now, not for himself, and definitely not for Candy. He then remembered the girl he was holding in his arms was a witch, they had magic, magic to make instant flames. He had an idea. All in a violent sudden movement he snatched the fiendish book he had found,whipped out his gun, and stood up on top of the car on his shaking legs, letting Candy go for the best. This caused them to open their overly slit mouths and let out a blood curdling scream showing their disgusting, disfigured and atrocious teeth, Candy held her hands firmly over ears and kept her head down. And Ray was pretty sure his ears were bleeding.

“I WILL BURN YOUR BOOK” he yelled, and looked down at Candy, and she knew what to do, he knew this would cause a drastic reaction, just when they started jumping up to rip them to shreds like wild animals, Ray dropped the book onto the flame that candy had created and it went up in flames, causing the creatures to fall down in agony, and suffer a slow death.

As they hears the agonizing cry of Typhon all the way from Neptune. Candy climbed on top of the car and threw her arms around Ray, and as tears rolled down her cheeks, she grabbed his face and gave him possibly the first kiss that was filled with nothing but pure love,

and it was heavenly.



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