Sheila: The Demon Princess

By @Kishara2013
Sheila: The Demon Princess

Sheila, the daughter of the Demon King Bile and his wife Queen Raquel. Born during a Blood Moon Ceremony. Born to lead and rule. As Shelia grows so does her power and soon the fight for human souls as begun. Can Shelia lead her people in a neverending fight against the Gods? Will she fail and be forever a disgrace to her father? Find out in this adventure of good and evil. Love vs hate.

Chapter 1

An Heiress at Last

It happened durning the Blood Moon ceremony. The Demon queen, Raquel, had given birth to a baby girl. The newborn princess born healthy with raven black hair and brown eyes. The other demons gathered around their queen and strained their neck to catch a glimpse of the new princess. The silence was interrupted by a loud clap of thunder and the throng of lesser demons parted to make way for the king of all demon.

Bile slowly made his way down the hall to where his wife and newborn daughter were. He spoke not a word as he took the little princess from her mother’s arms and rocked her back and forth. He then spoke in the Demonic tongue the name of his daughter. Then he returned the princess to her mother. He smiled and then turned to his court. Only then did he finally speak. “My friends, this is a glorious day. Raquel and I have a daughter and I couldn’t be happier. Many of you have wondered what name I have chosen for my daughter. The name I have chosen is Shelia. A strong name and one day she will be a good leader.”

The crowd let out roars and howls of happiness and approval. This was a most happy day indeed. They all pledged their loyalty to the king, the queen and new princess. One day they all knew that Sheila would take her father’s place as the new leader and ruler of Hell. Until that day, it would be a none stop battle of good and evil. The fight for the human real.

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