Sheet Music (Sheet Music book 1)

By @Melodia
Sheet Music (Sheet Music book 1)

This answers the question of how Music is treated in Fahrenheit 451. Using myself and the choir teacher Nicholas Gorne, the story is one of rapid change. It’s complete. Feedback is welcome.

Inspired by: Fahrenheit 451

Chapter 1


There was a technical malfunction in the house of Elyssa Rios, and that was a little too much for everyone there. Well, the two girls.

   “What now? The parlor’s down!” Elyssa says. 

   “I have an idea,” says Rhya, who was actually considered kind of crazy there. She pulls something out of her overnight bag. It was a book. The title of it was Fahrenheit 451. “Wanna read?” 

    She knew that she was going to risk everything by bringing that book, of all books. Her house in Seattle was already burned down, and most of her family dead. But why?

    “What? WHY DO U HAVE THAT ON YOU?! THOSE ARE ILLEGAL!” Elyssa was scared, she didn’t like getting in trouble with the law. 

    “I knew I would regret that. It’s a prop. My family’s filming a movie about firemen. It was a joke.” Rhya responded, disappointed her friend showed disinterest. 

She hoped that there were more people who liked books here. Oh well. She starts school tomorrow here. Better put on her normal mask. 

     “Oh… Ok” said Elyssa. Her breathing was very heavy. “Well, we should get some sleep.”

      “Alright. Night.”

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  1. MCKapo

    This is an interesting beginning. Also, confusing.

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    Reply 1 Reply Mar 3, 2018
    1. Melodia

      Thanks. What’s so confusing? I would love feedback.

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      Reply 0 Replies Mar 3, 2018

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