Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

By @SmolPrince

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

By @SmolPrince

As a society, we have things associated with goodness, just as we have things that are associated with evil. With these traits alone, we could see whenever someone, or something, is of trust. But still, we can't trust someone entirely on those stereotypes alone, for they can be secretly a malicious wolf hidden in the clothing of a naive sheep. And it could also be the opposite. It could also be a sheep, lost on its ways, that will forever have the skin of a wolf due to one small mistake.

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, inside of the woods and inside a little cabin, there was a demon. He may have looked like any regular demon, and sometimes acted like one too, but he had a clear difference from the rest of them. He knew regret, and was used to the feeling of guilt. Not wanting to live besides the rest of the demons, animalistic beings that could only be seen as heartless beasts, he came to Earth and stayed alone. In the middle of the woods, where the only residents where silence and his own persona. Or so he thought, recently.

One snowy night, someone knocked on his door. Confused, he got up from his comfy chair and went to the door. Who could it be? Perhaps a lost traveler?

“Who-?” he barely could ask before he opened the door and something ran under his lifted arm, directly inside his house.

He turned around and saw a boy with a reddish orange sweater looking back at him. Suddenly, in the room appeared a faint aroma of cinnamon alongside with the smoke from the chimney.

“WHO are you and WHAT are you doing in my house?” the demon asked, angry at the intruder.

“I’m here to help you.” The boy replied, a tint of sweetness in his voice.

“You didn’t answer my question.” The demon said while closing the door so that the cold wouldn’t get in. “And what do you mean by that you are here to help?”

“Well, I’m a boy who its duty is to help others; and I’m here to help you resolve the thing you did, mister.” The boy talked as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He glared around the entrance, too calmly for someone who just had entered a stranger’s home.

“Just- come here and sit down.” The demon told him to, leading the newcomer to the living room and sitting down at the small coffee table.

A bunch of thoughts flew inside his head, irritated that someone not only had found his home but also because he didn’t seem scared of him after his behavior. “First of all, I mean your name. Second, what do you mean by ‘the thing I did’? What do you know?” asked the demon with a harsh tone.

“I don’t know my name.” the boy simply replied.

This was enough for his fuse to blow up, convinced that this either was an annoying joke or a madman. “You don’t know? What do you mean by you don’t know!?” he barked out at him.

“I just can’t remember it, the last time I heard it was a long time ago.” The boy didn’t seem affected by the demon’s snarling, still remaining calm. “But you can’t blame me; after all, you don’t remember your name either, do you?”

The response took the demon off guard, making him hold his breath for a brief moment. ‘How could he…?’ was the first words that came to his mind, and right afterwards, the logical explanation for that answer. He let out a sigh and a nervous laugh.

“I get it. You´re a pesky angel, aren’t you? I’m guessing he sent you to take me back there, to kick me out?”

For the first time the intruder seemed disconcerted, slowly shaking his head to the sides.

“I’m… I’m not. I already told you, I’m just a boy who wants to help.”

The demon let out another laugh, but this time it was a sour and cold one.

“Yeah right” Without warning he got up brusquely, making the table and the other being shake. “Tell me the truth before I kick you out of my house, that being the best case scenario for you.”

The boy took a deep breath, looking directly at his black, empty eyes.

“If I am, would that change anything? Or you wouldn’t let me help you?”

The cinnamon scent grew stronger. The smell of the smoke did too- even though the chimney fire was getting weaker by the minute. The demon stayed alert, knowing about the danger he could be in if he was one. He hadn’t stayed this long on here just to be dragged back by some annoying heaven police.

The warm smell eventually calmed him down a bit, but he still looked at him furiously while sitting back.

“Still.” He continued “If you do know what I did, I’m sure you also know it doesn’t have any kind of solution.”

“I actually don’t know what you did exactly.” The boy confessed. “Maybe you could tell me?”

“I can’t tell you.” He intended his voice to sound sarcastic due to his question, but instead it sounded tired. “It was something terrible.”

That accidentally came out as a mutter. Talking about the event apparently still made him feel uneasy, even after all this time.

“Hey…” the boy went up to him, laying a hand on his shoulder. Once more the sweet smell and smoke grew stronger, as if both aromas came out of the guy directly. “I bet whatever you did, there must be a way to fix it. All problems have solutions, and so does yours.” His voice was soothing, almost whispering to him. A little smile rose up as he spoke. “We will work it out and make you live out of it, okay?”

We?” The demon looked at him harshly.

The boy’s smile washed away, getting his hand off of him slowly.

“Aren’t you going to let me help you?”

He got up and looked at him, staying still. A little smirk showed on his face.

“I would love to see you try.” He said slowly, walking up to the chimney to put out the dying fire. “Guess I wouldn’t lose anything by letting you.”

“So is that a yes?” the guy asked excited, his eyes lighting up. “Do I have your contribution?”

“I guess you do.” He answered. The dark creature wasn’t actually taking this seriously; he thought that the angel was just trying some new silly reformation technique due to duty. He hadn’t had fun in such a while, and this seemed like a fun game for him to play while it lasted.

“Then we actually need names for each other.” The boy said laughing a little, kind of nervous. His smile was oddly warm for the demon.

“Oh cool, so I get to name a pet.”

“Actually, it’s not-“

“All angels have their names end with ‘iel’, so it’s easy.” He interrupted him. “I could name you Suriel and I’m sure that would be an actual name.”

“Then I’ll call you Cassiel.”

“… but that isn’t a demon name.” the demon replied, scolding at him.

“That’s because soon you won’t be one.” Suriel told him, cheerfully.

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