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She Isn’t Good Enough

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

She Isn't Good Enough

She doesn’t eat her food

Says she’s just in a bad mood

But really when she looks down

All she does is frown

She looks at herself and sees fat

She says “I’m ugly, there’s no denying that”

She skips meals

Pretends she can’t feel

The pain that follows her

She knows things won’t be like they were

Before she could be happy all day

Now all day she worries about how much she weighs

She lays on her bed and just cries

Thinking, no one would care if she dies

Thinking, she ate too much today

Thinking, the way she looks is not okay

She needs someone to tell her

She is perfect the way she is

She is so beautiful

She doesn’t need to change anything

People love her

People care

The amount of food you put in your mouth

Doesn’t change the size of your heart

But no one says that

So she still thinks she is fat

And she is in so much pain

That pain has left a stain on her heart

She will carry around the burden forever

That no one ever cared for her, ever

She thinks maybe if she is skinnier, she’ll be better

So she reads all the ingredients, down to the letter

All she wants is to be good enough

But getting there has been so tough

Now she just wants to give up

Why did no one ever care for her?

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