She Had A Crush On Me

By @Minjoye
She Had A Crush On Me

This is a story about happy past days & school crush.

Chapter 1

A Awkward Phone Call

I got a sudden call from a unknown number this evening & right now I’m lying down on the sofa. I’m thinking about the phone call and can’t stop laughing.

That call was from a school friend of mine. She was one of my best friends back then. But what she said in the evening it’s just something unbelievable & also laughable at the same time .

We are talking about our old days & suddenly I told her about my college crush.

She just smiled. And said, “I have many crushes in my life. But remember one thing that you’re my first crush.”

I was not prepared for that situation. So I just laughed awkwardly.” Is that so?”

She again clearly reply, ” Yes, you’re. “

I was mumblings & before I could say something she started to describe.

” Your personality is really unique. And I will not hesitate to share with my future partner about you,” she smiled softly.

“Oh!! I see. ” I awkwardly answered.

1 minute passed away but we didn’t even make a sound. After this awkward silence I laughed. Then she asked ” Why you are stopped talking? “

“I…mmm just don’t u..und….”

I just kept mumbling . So break this awkwardness & asked ” Don’t you’re curious about this? “

Before I could say ‘yes’ started….

After she told everything I could understand what to say & what not to…

So I cut the call after just saying bye.

That was really one of the most awkward moments of my life…..

Some how the time passed but the awkwardness don’t let me alone.

It almost half passed nine. But I’m still thinking about that. Mumbling ” How could she like me??? Maybe she was joking. But.. she seemed serious. Her voice was filled with seriousness. “

I back to myself when the helping hand asked me if I need some coffee or tea.

I tell her to make me a strong coffee without sugar. She asked me if something bothering me I can tell her. I awkwardly smile & really avoid her.

She is working for our family before I born. So she knows everything about me. She know that I used to drink strong coffee to relief stress.

“Nothing?”she smiles.

” I’m totally fine. You don’t need to worry.My lovely Aunt “

“Okk.. I’ll make a dark blue cake too.”

” Totally awesome.But you need to hurry up & please give me the coffee first.Okay?”

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