Its a series story about a 16 year old girl named MIYA A girl who have no faith in LOVE,meets up her soulmate and how her life moves on and the problems she faces in her life and the relationship. After being 18 her life changes to a Mystery.She learns about the changes occurring in her life,that she is a WITCH.

Chapter 1


The sunlight kissed in her eyes,slowly she woke up,By grabbing on her sheet,move on to the wash room,

putting the cottony white sheet on the floor,on the shower.She raised up her face and looked up on the mirror give up a cheerfully smile towards her new day with a new academic year.Today every thing is new to her a new life new year new friends new season .”Everything is new like a new born baby”

She grab her dark brown wet hair into the soft pinkish towel and put on the cloths get down the stairs calling her mom for the morning breakfast with a cup of tea.

After finishing her daily normal things she pack up the school stuff , put her sneakers on the music and ready for a walk to the high school just half a Kilometer away from her sweet home.

ST JOHNS high school near the dreamland forest, Really sounds great right?

Hey wait,i am Eliza.You are a newcommer right?


Oh Great,so as i.Your name?



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