Shady Hallow

By @lizzy_ebeling16

Shady Hallow

By @lizzy_ebeling16

The story of two teens who give everything to save everything they love

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Chapter 1


Shady Hollow, England, a beautiful small town at the base of Shady Mountain. The Mountain was known to the locals as a place of evil, because of the fact, they had their own version of the Salem Witch Trials. The town is small and everybody knows everybody. There is a green, beautiful forest that surrounds the town on the east and west sides . If you look closely, you will see that none of the locals ever go into the woods. Maybe it is because of the horrible stories that have been passed down of people going in the woods and days later, the bodies are found horribly mangled or the horrible inhuman screams that echo off the trees at night.

Anna Folsom, a senior at the local high school, has heard these horrible nightmarish stories all her life and is torn between believing in the stories her parents and older siblings told or going with her friends to an epic party in the woods.

Besides the stories people tell are just stories. Right? Anna soon learns that some things are better left in the woods,as things she has seen in her nightmares come to life and haunt her….

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