Shadow Land

By @LunaLove

Chapter 1

Wonder Child v1

The shadow of old was rising, intertwined with mankind “what does it matter if by force or coercion someone’s mind is conditioned while awake or asleep?”

A new consciousness has accelerated the shrouded story of humankind “life does not look back and love others no place for safety. Never before in human history have thoughts and feelings become “things” so quickly with the shadows rising in resistance.

Cassie searched the sky for answers to questions that were laying dormant since childhood, without knowing what will happen tomorrow she yearned to discover her life’s pathway. She was going through the process of growth and self awareness awakening her dreams engaging herself with passion “you never cease to amaze me, I wonder what you will discover next” replied her mother. Each time Cassie dared to do something negative influences filled the air “if only she could choose how to feel and what to do” her chambers echoed.

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