Shades of Black

By @panicfalloutgirl

Shades of Black

By @panicfalloutgirl

The cover was a virus that only affects people with a medium beige skin tone or lighter, caused by sun exposure. The solution was a vaccine that would prevent the virus. But that was just a cover, a cover for something far more nefarious. It was a cover to hide a hatred dating as far back as colonial America, and even farther still. A passion, a hate, a prejudice against those people of a darker skin tone, or a racial minority. A movement now rekindled in the hearts of every white American being

Chapter 1


“The United States Government has declared a state of emergency throughout the entire country as the newly discovered virus Noro Disclosure Syndrome, or NDS. Caused by exposure to sunlight, this virus can spread quickly and cause death in as little as 4 hours, leaving no time for treatment. Already 32 cases have been reported in the United States, most of which have proved fatal. Carolina Domingos is outside the Federal Labs in Washington D.C right now. Carolina, it’s good to have you here with us, tell us what’s going on right now.” There was a pause as the tv screen switched from the pasty blonde anchor in the newsroom to a dark-skinned curly haired anchor in a short black dress. She was holding a microphone in her right hand and some papers in her left.

“Well, Molly the scientists in these labs have been working tirelessly over the past few days to try and come up with a treatment, an antidote, anything to stop this horrible virus. I have Jessica Davis, head of the team responsible for this vaccine. Jessica, can you tell us exactly what causes this virus?” The other woman was an attractive young lady with a youthful face, sparkling blue eyes, and long brown hair curled slightly at the bottom.

“Yes, I can Caroline. Noro Disclosure Syndrome is caused by sudden and prolonged exposure to sunlight. It usually starts with a sudden fever and profuse sweating as well as skin blistering and turning hard. Most people who come in with it refuse to drink fluids and vomiting is very common. Most people become so dehydrated they die before reaching the final stage of the virus. If they survive long enough their body temperature rises so high that they begin to boil from the inside, and at that point, there is nothing we can do for them.”

“And is there a certain group of people this virus affects the most?”

“It’s a very odd virus and it only affects people with a certain skin tone and lighter. For example, people with your skin tone would not be harmed, the virus would not affect them. People with my skin tone are in the group of people that will be affected by the virus should they contract it.”

“And I have information you are working very closely with the President **** Robinson-Stonewall. What is his opinion on the matter?”

“We are working very closely with the President. Um, he’s given us all the funds we’ve needed and supplied many, many scientists to help us in our…” Suddenly, a man came sprinting out of the concrete lab building in the background, waving a clipboard in his left hand and screaming at the top of his lungs. His lab coat flapped behind him as his voice became audible to the camera.

“… A vaccine! We’ve developed a vaccine! We’ve done it! We’ve developed a vaccine!” The camera panned and zoomed as the man came running toward them. Jessica’s face showed signs of pleasure and a smile had crept onto her red lips.

“We’ve got it, Ms. Davis! We’ve cracked the code! The virus… We’ve developed a vaccine!” The camera zoomed out to include the two scientists and the news anchor in the shot, all smiling wildly.

“Well Molly, you heard it here first. A vaccine has been developed and should soon be available for the general public. Back to you guys in the studio.” The studio replaced the lab building. In the studio was the anchor Molly, wearing a dark gray pants suit with a baby pink shirt underneath the coat. Her face was a sort of oval shape and held many small wrinkles near her green eyes which were smiling right along with her lips. Her sharp nose was a contrast to her otherwise cool yet pretty face.

“Well folks, you can bet this isn’t the end of it from us. We will continue covering the progress on the vaccine, it’s effectiveness, and more with our live coverage continuing just after the break.” Soft music began to play as the camera zoomed out from the anchor and the station went to break.

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