Serpents Dagger

By @acjeffers
Serpents Dagger

this is the first chapter in the book where apollo starts his journey to have his brother killed

Chapter 1

chapter one


Natharas pov:

Hello. You don’t know me but I know you. I know everything about everybody.My name is Nathara. My name means serpent so the few people i know call me serpent.I may sound pleasant right now but i am anything but. I am a cold hearted assassin.I am hired to kill. It’s what i do and it’s what i love.I show no mercy and i love nobody or so i thought.

Chapter one

Apollo’s pov:

I am Apollo a son of the mighty king Sepherus and Queen  Serena. I am the brother of Ardeni. I may be Ardeni’s older brother but it sure dosent feel like it. It feels like i’m a meer house servant compared to him. My parents had always favored my brother over myself.It has always been my dream to reign over our kingdom.But as soon as Ardeni was born the dream was quickly stomped on.He was pure as gold. His hair was as dark as ash and skin as golden as honey. he had a tall stature and had a toned body and jawline. eyes blue as the sky on a summers day.He was always known as the better sibling because my apperence is merely a fraction as attractive as his. I have hair as white as snow skin as pale as sand and eyes as grey as the sky on a rainy day.I have a shorter stature but i’m quite lanky and not as defined as my brother.Every body always says how he is his mother’s child.He looks like my mom and dad. the perfect mix.In our kingdom for centuries upon centuries the eldest son has always run the kingdom up until my little brother came along. He was a “Gift from God” as my mother would say.I was never praised as much as he was. When he was born gifts of gold and great value were brought. When I was born i merely brought in fruit.

In our culture it is belived that what is brought at the birth determines what the child’s future will be like.Since i only brought in fruit and my brother brought in gold and riches he was obviously destined to be king in my parents eyes.So i was stripped from my soon to be title when my parents passed. And the title was given to my brother.6 months later my parents ventured off to a neighboring country for a grande ball.But they didn’t come back.They got into a major shipwreck leaving me and my brother heartbroken. without our parents we were just 18 and 16 year old boys who were now alone.

When my parents died there was chaos in the castle.Everybody was running around frantically trying to get things sorted out.Who would reign? My parents chose my brother but what 16 year old could run an entire kingdom by himself? Certainly not my immature childlike brother. I Was sophisticated and mature. The complete opposite of my brother.Every ideal thing to run a kingdom.But no they chose my younger brother . Nothing new i suppose.My brother had to go to a huge interview to ask questions about the upcoming of the kingdom and what will happen now that he’s the soon to be king.I am not going to the interview with him.Always poor Apollo left on the side the trash dirt scum of the family .The disappointment. The letdown.I’ve always been quite jelous of my brother.he was always first in everything. Academics,Sports,and my parents love.I hate him. He has taken everything away from me.I hope he rots.Ever since him my parents treated me like house servant.Ever since he has been born he has done everything possible to be better than me.He gets everything.Girls,good grades,awards,the throne and my parents.I envy him so much to the point where i am writing you this letter. I have heard about you and i’ll help you if you help me.Nathara, I know you are wanted for being an assassin,and that’s what i want you for.I want you to kill my brother.And in return i will pay your bond.So we can both get what we want. I get the throne and you get out of jail.East enough? Meet me at the castle tomorrow 11:00 pm to discuss the plan to kill my brother.

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