Seraphim Dreams

By @painkillerzzz
Seraphim Dreams

The stars and the planets cry out in pain as they descend into primordial darkness. Dreams of an uprising, dreams of destruction, dreams of void. A being of divine nature he is, Grant O'Niel, king of hell. His mind has always allowed him to reach places he shouldn't be able to, see things that he never should have. As the planets tumble off of their orbits, the stars dim and his world crumbles, he has to make a decision. Will the seraphim choose heritage or destiny?

Chapter 1


In the beginning, there was darkness. The universe was empty and barren, there was nothing and there was everything. And there was her. She hovered over the waves of darkness and surfed the sound of silence. She was alone, and she was sad. She was supposed to be their leader, she was supposed to keep them safe. She was supposed to keep everything in order. That was why she had been created. To lead. To keep order. To be a big sister. They had been happy there. They had been a family, close, told each other everything. Their universe was bright and full of life, planets of all kind and their very own race of creatures. Their lives were so interesting, they were so at peace.

She thought of why she couldn’t remember why she was all by herself, and she kept thinking. A year passed, and then ten thousand more, and she was still thinking. She was devastated, she missed her siblings, she missed having company. And then she remembered her name. Dusk. The word felt so foreign on her tongue, after so long, but it was the only word she knew. “Dusk,” she repeated to herself, over and over until it felt familiar. Until it was her name again. And then she began to remember more. She remembered the names of her siblings, she remembered the names of their planets, their stars, their everything. She remembered everything, then she remembered him.

Her anger was white hot, causing the darkness around her to ripple and solidify. Stars sparkled around her, illuminating her form for the first time in nearly seven hundred thousand years. “My name is Dusk,” she screamed, planets forming all abound her, floating in the void without any gravity to sustain them. “You took everything away from me!” her blood boiled as she thought of him.

Her spiny fingers moved like spiders, weaving threads and webs of her universe fueled purely by rage.

She remembered what he did, she remembered how he ruined everything by his greed. She remembered how she stole the littlest one away from them. She was going to find him, and she was going to take back what was hers. She created a world, named Duscae, a race of creatures. She would get her revenge, and the stars, the stardust, the planets, they were all hers. She was going to find them all, and they were going to kill him.

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