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By @Happycurious1

The value of human life as we know it

The red wedding scene from the famous hit Television series ” The Game of Thrones” , shows blood bath where the guests are brutally murdered by the hosts who promise the victims food and shelter. The barbaric killing of a pregnant lady, the beheading of a son in front of his mother’s eyes and the utter atrocious dance around the corpse of a wolf installed with the decapitated head of the king of the north squishing all the hopes and dreams of the entire nation brings an untenable sense of grief and shock. But nobody seems to talk about the aftermath of witnessing such a scene. Closer home, my ten year old cousin Bharath plays counter strike – a popular video game that aims at shooting your opponents in order to advance in the game. There is blood splatter from the bullet wounds on the head and its clearly shown. In his tender age of discovering the world , he describes shooting people as fun. Just yesterday , Sita a 18 year old college student committed suicide by jumping down from a tall building in her locality. She was gang raped by her lover and his friends after being drugged. She was coerced into the idea of running away from home to get married by her lover. What should have been a lovely adventure turned out to be gothic incident of sheer horror and pain. Yet, Anjali a resident of the same locality feels its a daily occurence and is back to her whatsapp video indulgence. Sita’s lover and his friends probably didnot imagine such an outcome for they too are only 19 year olds who were charmed by the idea of a quick adrenaline rush by charming innocent girl next door, Sita.

Somehow the fine line differentiating the fun, fiction and reality is fading. Blood, sex, death are addressed with such a casual undertone that more than often people have started to even relish the event. With internet and media sprawling with gruesome and often remorseless killings, sadistic pleasure pursuits, the very attitude towards the value for human life and emotions has become nothing but casual.

Is this shift good or bad or is it something we as human beings need to ponder more upon? The insensitivity towards life itself is creating a vicious circle of destruction. Human beings as a species has long lost its compassion for other forms. And today , more than ever , there is an increasing sense of indifference towards another human being.In this era of money and marketing, the value of a human life is often times close to a penny.

There is dearth and destitute hand in hand with deluge and destruction. It is high time to change our perspectives on prosperity. It is time to change the definitions of happiness. It is time to reeducate ourselves about the real wealth. For reaching Mars and repopulating is easier than cleaning up our own mess. Maybe we should try fixing the exorbitant gaps among the rich and poor, man and nature. One cannot move forward without first realizing one’s mistakes and taking actions to correct them. For death is inevitable and swift but life needs a little more patience. Maybe Earth has a chance to live some more if we can all sow the seeds of compassion. The process of rejuvenation begins with respecting human life and thereby everything connected with it.

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