By @rewind


By @rewind

This is a poem about an individual who does not realize the amazing beauty that surrounds him/her because they were caught up in wishing for something else.

Chapter 1

Poem 1

Fresh Thick grass tickles my fingers

While I dip my feet into soft water beneath.

A wispy breeze blows through my hair.

And beams of comforting sun splash on my back,

Like salty waves of the ocean.

The subtle sound of babbling Brooke fills my ears.

Birds are chirping their sound of freedom,

As chipmunks pitter patter over logs.

Faint rosey fumes engulf my lungs,

And I can almost see the sea.

While I smell the frivolous lilac around me,

I wish it was the cool salt of the rocks.

But I just smell the leaves.

The sun begins to melt into the trees,

And fairies of golden light dance through.

The water at my feet glows with flecks of silver and gold.

With moss lacing over the cold grey stones.


I close my eyes once more.

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