Seeking Truth

By @Doggy
Seeking Truth

This book is an intriguing adventure of an female elf, seeking to discover who she really is. During that journey, she gets rid the world's biggest threat. And with her friends to help her, she, not only gets back what she lost, but also finds a part of her long hidden history. The book is pretty short, but is really fun to read. Readers of any age over 3 can read and enjoy this wonderful book. Recommended for adventure, mystery and fantasy lovers.

Chapter 1

Types of elves (in order from strongest to weakest):

Murder Elves:

Description: They are the newest, strongest yet dumbest type of elf. Look like devils with pointy ears, cannot fly.

Power: To kill anyone they wish as long as in contact.

Drawback: To get to their target, might get out of control and notice nothing.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 100%

Fairy Elves:

Description: They used to be the strongest elves. Look like fairies, but with pointy ears and no wand. Can fly.

Power: To fly and teleport small things like bottles and pens.

Drawback: If their wings get wet, they can’t fly or do magic.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 0%, therefore loved for their niceness and curiosity.

Merm Elves:

Description: Look like mermaids, but with pointy ears. Can’t walk on land or fly in the air.

Power: To swim and breathe under water. Can also control it, making it move or turn into a water hole.

Drawback: They can’t walk.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 90%

Bird Elves:

Description: Closest relatives of Fairy Elves. Look human, but also with bird wings and pointy ears. Can fly.

Power: To fly and have perfect gardening magic.

Drawback: Even though have a lot of food, often die in fights for it..

Percent of Evil in the Population: 50%

Liar Elves:

Description: Look human, dress in only red and have pointy ears. Evil because of their lies. Cannot fly.

Power: Can lie to anyone and still be believed.

Drawback: VERY easily killed by any elf type except for each other, so don’t come out of their village often.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 99.9%

Noise Elves:

Description: Look human and have pointy ears. Cannot fly, but still love adventure.

Power: Can imitate any noise or sound. Also are pretty strong.

Drawback: Often are not too careful about dangers as they love adventure.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 0%

Builder Elves:

Description: Look like Original Elves and have pointy ears. Have a huge imagination. Cannot fly.

Power: To build anything they wish in any amount of time.

Drawback: If another type of elf touches the building, it collapses. Builder elves only can touch and use it.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 11%

Original Elves:

Description: Are exactly like humans but with pointy ears. Wear green clothes. Cannot fly.

Power: They simply bring good luck!

Drawback: Are the weakest type of elf.

Percent of Evil in the Population: 0%

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