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Seeing Blood

By @MoonStarStories

New School, New Life

Olivia Wilson is a problematic kid. That’s what everyone tells me. It’s been said so much it has been permanently tattooed in my head. It was my own fault I got expelled. It was always my fault, but it wasn’t. I’m the only one that knows the truth about him. It’s just that no one believes me. They never do. They will one day.


The car came to a halt. My mother Sophia Wilson stepped out of the car. She looked just like me or rather, I look just like her. We both had the same dirty blonde hair, delicate nose, and bright brown eyes. Mother waved her hand for me to come. I carefully stepped out of the car. It was chilly outside. I was lucky to have worn a jacket. “ Odd,” said my mother attentively, “ this doesn’t look like an ordinary school.” She was right. It looked less like a school and more like a mansion. “ I’m sure it looks the same as most schools on the inside,” I replied. I doubted my words as soon as they escaped my mouth. I wasn’t sure at all. I was sent here after expulsion. After the Principal literally said that “the school couldn’t handle me” and that I had “ severe anger issues”. It wasn’t true of course, but I couldn’t do anything about it. In fact, I’m more sure that this is NOT at all a normal school, but some place to force me to behave. As I was lost in my thoughts, my mother exclaimed “You’re probably right! Let’s go in!” I took a deep breath. Big mistake. The air smelled like cigarettes. I decided to count to ten instead as I stepped into my new school.

The school didn’t look too out of the ordinary, though it clearly had its own style. Most of the walls were white and the windows were draped in blood red curtains. It didn’t look dirty, although the janitors could work a bit on the smell. Mother took me to an office. I knew it was an office, because the sign office was literally on the door. As I walked in I noticed the lighting was dim. Very dim. Almost like a black and white 1950s movie backdrop. A man stepped out of the shadows (yes, he was literally dropped in shadows) and into the dim light. He had dark black eyes and gray hair so shiny it was almost silver. His eyes were hyper focused on me. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary here, but it just gave me an odd feeling.

“Sit down,” demanded the man, “ I am Principal Ghost. I hope you have a good time at RedStone High.” Ghost… His last name is Ghost . . . Don’t get me wrong, I met a lot of teachers with weird last names. My third grade teacher was called Mr. Odor, but Ghost just seemed wrong for some reason. Mr. Ghost stopped talking. “ I’ll take you to your room,” he said. I waved goodbye to my mom and stepped into my new room. I was so tired I didn’t even notice the color of the bed. I fell asleep and dreamed of the day everything changed.

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