Seeds of Life

By @unikyky25
Seeds of Life

This is from a story prompt I got on Get Underlined. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 4

4 years earlier

“You must be Jemima.” Jemima jumped and pulled out one of her earbuds.

“Sorry, what was that?” she asked. A broad-shouldered man was standing in front of her, cradling a fluffy dog.

“You’re Jemima?” the man said again.

“Uh..yeah?” Jemima answered, raising her eyebrow.

“Then I have a gift for you,” the man said, kneeling down at eye-level to me. He handed me a small packet of what looked like seeds.

“Plant these right away,” the man said. “The world needs you. We are running out of time. Planting these seeds can give hope to the future.”

“I don’t understand!” I said.

“The world is going to become a technology-overwhelmed place with no nature or beauty. If you plant these seeds, we can change that!” the man said.

“Why me?” I asked.

“Because we need a hero,” he said. And he walked away, leaving me with the seeds and a lot of questions.

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