Seeds of Life

By @unikyky25
Seeds of Life

This is from a story prompt I got on Get Underlined. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3

1 year before

“Citizens of Alderton, we regret to inform you that all trees, plants and animals are officially extinct,” Mayor Tyran said at the town meeting. “Any life you see other than humans is artificial and manmade.”

“I can’t believe our world has come to this….” Jemima’s mother whispered. “We haven’t take good care of this precious earth!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty sad,” Jemima whispered back, but a thought kept tickling the back of her head. What if those seeds she had planted so long ago really would work? Jemima thought back to when she had recieved the seeds from a mysterious man…

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