The Secrets Of The Sky

By @Rosie_Lutty
The Secrets Of The Sky

Rosie is Queen of Geonovia (where all the elements of the earth are found) but she was grown up completely unknowing of what she is. Only to find out by some guy that turns up out of nowhere, and she learns about family she didn’t even know she had.

Chapter 1


Hello everyone. My Name is Rosie and I live in Australia. This is my first story called Secrets of the sky. Disclaimer, this is my own work and in no way do I intend on stealing anyone else’s work, I have no intention of criticising or offending anyone, keep in mind it is only a story. I will be adding chapters as I go along, also when I get time (I have to study for my final years of high school)

Please note that I am 16 years old and this is my first story on here. While I am definitely open to recommendations on improvements, I will not tolerate any kind of hate on me or anyone else. On that note, I hope you enjoy my story. ????

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