Secrets don't lie

By @LazyLuna

Secrets don't lie

By @LazyLuna

Chapter 1


??? pov

“HAHAHAHAHA finally he’s gone now she will be mine”

(Y/N) Pov

I wonder if lili is ok i haven’t heard from her in a while. I’ll just call her.


(Y/N): Are you ok you didn’t text me back last night?

Lili: Yes im fine (Y/N)

(Y/N): ok see you at the tree house?

Lili: ya see you in 20

(Y/N): k bye

Lili: bye

At least she’s ok…

Bens pov

Look at her sweet body. OH **** IM DROOLING. **** at least jeff isn’t here. **** NOW I HAVE A ***** ****.

Jeff’s pov

“Ben are you ok?”

“Ya im fine”

“Are you in a fantasy world again?”

“Ya is it obvious?”


I want to kiss him so bad but then he will yell at me. **** i have mixed feelings. Mabey (Y/N) will have answers. I mean i am a friend of hers.

Authors note:

Hi i hope you enjoy this this is my first read x ben drowned x jeff the killer

So I hope you like it ????

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