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Secrets being revealed

By @_Sandradeleon0

Chapter 1

          I remember I was in sixth grade, doing things I wasn’t supposed to be, and going through a lot in that time. There’s this moment that I would never forget, I regret the mistake I’ve made because it caused a big problem. I’m glad I’m not in that situation anymore. The feeling I remember having, was the worst. I thought my life was going to end.

           When it was thanksgiving, me and my family were going to visit my uncle’s family. I was really thrilled to go because I haven’t been in Pennsylvania for about two years. When we were heading to Pennsylvania, I was in the car looking through the window. Watching at how beautiful the sun was setting, and admiring the different looks of the leaves orange, yellow, and red.

           By the time we arrived at my uncle’s house, it was dark. We started to get our stuff from the car to go inside his house. About thirty minutes later, everyone was downstairs talking, laughing, and eating. While me, my brother, my sister, and my cousins were in the attic talking. Then my aunt’s family came, and I went downstairs to say hi to them.

            When my other cousin named Anthony saw me, he came bothering me, telling me he was going to tell my parents about my secret. I kept telling him not to, and he said he wasn’t going to anymore. He only found out about my secret because someone told him in school. I would never tell him anything or trust him. Later on, me and my sister were in the attic unpacking our stuff. Anthony was coming up and saw me and my sister , and of course he decided to bother me again saying he’d tell. My sister obviously heard me telling him not to. I went downstairs because I didn’t know what to do, I was overthinking, my heart was pounding, I felt anxious. I wasn’t sure if he was actually going to tell my sister because it was only him and her in the attic. 

           Later I went to the attic, my brother and my sister were there. My sister told me what Anthony had told her. She wanted to know if it was true. I felt like my heart dropped, I didn’t want to tell her the truth. But I had to, and I ended up saying the truth.Which my parents were going to have to know about it too. Around midnight, after my mom found out, she told me she was going to have to tell my dad when we come back home. I was even more afraid of my dad, I didn’t know what was going to be his reaction. 

            Overall, I didn’t get to enjoy my holiday weekend. After we came back home, me and my parents had a talk and there was a big issue about it. Basically my parents lost their trust in me, they were more strict with me. They didn’t want me to be around with the people I use to be friends with or hang out with them. They always think I was lying to them even if I was telling the truth. They never believe. But as I was growing up, I was maturing more, and realized I’ve made a big mistake and I learned from it.

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