Secret Diary of a Fangirl

By @ABBAFan456
Secret Diary of a Fangirl

A very old parody of a Billie Piper TV show that I don't watch. :3

Chapter 1

Hannah was just a normal London girl who went to school -flunked at tests and liked to throw paper airplanes at the teacher – and had good friends. That is, until she realized that she couldn’t stop looking at this certain actor. Ever since she saw his face on a poster at the store, she realized that he was the most handsome man in the world… That is, in her eyes alone. To all her friends, he was a dumb actor who didn’t know how to act and was just the ugliest man in the world.  One fine Sunday morning, Hannah read in the news that the one actor who she really liked was going to be at a convention that Hannah and her friends were going to next Saturday. Hannah literally jumped for joy but then remembered that her friends would be there, too. They would all be so angry at her if she dragged them all to go meet him, and Hannah didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Rose and Billie. There was only thing that she could do. 

 The day of the convention arrived and it was time to set her plan into motion. When her friends arrived at the house to pick her up, Hannah told them what had happened.

 “Awww, but we thought you’d want to come! There’s going to be so many celebrities there!” Billie exclaimed when Hannah told her the news.

 “I know, but I something came up and I have to stay here,” Hannah said sadly. “Let me know how it went, okay?”

 “Okay,” her friends said in unison. Once they left, Hannah wiped the seldom look off her face and ran upstairs to change her clothes. She wouldn’t want to go to the convention wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she told her friends that she wasn’t going. She also grabbed the old box of pink hair dye that her mother had given her for her birthday three years before. You see, Hannah wanted to dye her hair and her parents didn’t like the idea, so they bought a crazy color that would make her look absolutely crazy. Now was the perfect time to use it. 

 After the hair dye was all set and she had a new coat of make-up, Hannah took a look at herself in the mirror. Everything about her looked different – everything except for her face. She tried putting on a really dark eyeshadow, but it didn’t do much. It only made her eyes look swollen. Hannah just shrugged as she grabbed a coat that her friends had never seen before and headed for the door. On her way out she grabbed a pair of her mother’s sunglasses. That hid her face well enough. 

 Now off she went to the convention. Her heart beat accelerated as she looked around the huge building. There were so many people in costume all over the place. She even saw her friends among the crows. Hannah was tempted to wave but then remembered that she was posing as someone other than herself. She squealed to herself when she remembered what she was here for. 

 It took her a while to find it, but Hannah was able to get to the Photo Op in time to get a picture with her idol. She stood in line and waited anxiously to finally be able to meet the man who she wanted to meet for the longest time. When she got to being second in line, she hopped from one foot to the other anxiously.  Was he going to ask her her name? 

 The sound of people chattering from behind caught her attention. Her heart nearly skipped a beat when she recognized who the voices belonged to. It was Billie and Rose – and they were right behind her! What were they doing in line to get a picture with the actor who they despised so much? When the person in front of her finally finished, Hannah nervously walked up the man of her dreams. The problem was, what if her friends heard her say her name? There were surely tons of Hannah’s in the world, but did all Hannah’s like the same actor? 

 “What’s your name?” her idol asked kindly.

 Hannah gulped. Seconds felt like minutes as she tried to think of an answer.

 “Bella,” she said quickly, using her middle name instead. 

 “That’s a beautiful name,” the man said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Hannah smiled and the camera flashed. Hannah heaved out a sigh of relief when she walked away. She looked at the glossy photo she was given and could barely keep her excitement in. She was definitely going to get the picture signed and maybe then she’d be able to talk to him a little bit.

 After sitting throughout the entire celebrity panel, Hannah was finally able to get her photo signed. She had to wait in line, though. What irked her was the fact that the people in front of her were Billie and Rose! First they had a picture taken with the same actor who they were always speaking out about and now they were getting his autograph. Something fishy was going on here.

 “Hello again,” he said when Hannah stepped up to the table where he was signing autographs. “Did I mention that I like your hair?” He gestured to her pink hair.

 Hannah giggled as she ran a finger through her hair. Maybe she’d start wearing her hair like this more… “Thank you,” she managed to squeak out. She handed him her picture and he signed it.

 “To Bella,” he said as he signed his autograph. He handed the photo to Hannah and she thanked him.

 “It was a pleasure meeting you,” Hannah said before she had to go.

 “Same here,” the man said. Hannah had a feeling that he didn’t mean it, but it still made her feel better.

 After a long day of walking around at the convention and trying to avoid her friends, Hannah finally got home. Before she rested her tired feet, Hannah made sure to hang up her photo on her message board. After washing off all her makeup, Hannah finally tossed off her shoes and slumped down on a her beanbag chair. 

 Around half-an-hour later, there was a ring on the doorbell. Hannah’s parents weren’t home, so Hannah had to answer it. “Hello?” Hannah gasped when she saw Billie and Rose standing at her front door. “What’re you doing here?”

 “You wouldn’t believe what happened today!” Rose exclaimed as she spilled out her bag on the kitchen counter. “Close your eyes, Hannah! We’ve got a surprise for you!”

 Hannah closed her eyes and listened as Billie kept on saying “No peeking!” 

 “Now!” Hannah turned around and gasped. Her friends were holding up a photo of them along with Hannah’s favorite actor in the world. On the picture was signed, “To Hannah”.

 “Oh my gosh, thank you so much!” Hannah pulled her friends into a hug and then said, “I’m going to put this upstairs on my message board!”

 Her friends followed her up the stairs and into her room.

 “You know, there was someone at the convention who had her hair dyed pink just like yours,” Rose commented.

 “Yeah, I saw her too.” To Hannah, Billie said, “Why did you dye your hair pink anyway? I thought you hated that dye your mom got you.”

 Uh oh. Hannah froze where she was as she tried to formulate an answer. “Uhhhhh…” She managed to get away with not answering when suddenly the remembered the picture she had put up on her message board. She hoped that her friends wouldn’t notice the picture that was hung up right there for everyone to see.

 Unfortunately, her friends did take notice. “OMG, Hannah!!!” they exclaimed. “That was you!”

 Hannah nodded her head and blushed a bit. “I thought you guys would hate me if-“

 Billie smiled. “We knew he’d be there which is why we so wanted you to come.”

 Hannah’s face changed from sad to glad. “Billie, Rose – you guys are the best friends anyone could ever have!” And with that, the girls lived happily ever after – especially Hannah.

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