By @DHudg


By @DHudg

The passing of time is never ending and unchanging.

Chapter 1

The little boy

The infant child

Would go out into the world

And be greeted by everlasting warmth

He would witness wondrous sights,

Would discover things in nature

And also things about himself

The flowers blooming with the breath of Spring

The birds whistling a joyous tune

The little boy was engrossed in a world of wonder


The bigger boy

The aged child

Would now go into a new world

One with shimmering skies and oceans

He would witness the girl that he cherished

And would find all of the wonderful things

That reminded him of himself

The Sun emanating Summer’s warmth

The bird’s echoing the same old tune

The bigger boy was a part of something greater


The grown boy

Much older now

Would go out expecting the same world

One with love and beauty

He would witness the same places he once would

But something about them had changed

And somehow they didn’t remind him of himself

The orange leaves lining Autumn’s path

The bird’s song fading and drifting away

The grown boy wasn’t sure what had changed


The weary man

The unfortunate son

Had lived to see everything lost

All of the world’s love and beauty

He watched it scurry away with the woman’s departure

He had realized the problem all too late

And now he can’t even recognize himself

The grip of Death accompanied by Winter’s Bite

The birds all gone from this dreary plane

The weary man not ever knowing where he went wrong


In this world

The seasons constantly change from one to another

But for the not so little boy

Who had seen the life of Spring

And felt the embrace of Summer

Only to watch it wither in Autumn

And be long gone come Winter

The seasons no longer appear to change

For time itself stands still to mock him

Knowing that he will blame himself for the changing seasons

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