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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 6

Sovos, Kurt, and Sig traveled for five days along the road to Far City from Banholm. As they traveled, they talked about all the things that interested them, being a spell caster, the mysteries of the fairer sex (which neither of them had the slightest clue about). While walking, Sovos showed Kurt some of his scrolls and their functions.

“You see this one,” Sovos pulled out a piece of blue parchment “is a barrier golem. It creates a barrier of what ever it is put on, as long as the runes match the material”

“Does the color have to do with anything?” Kurt asked.

“No, it’s just my way of knowing if I’m running low or not, If I get down to purple ones, I know I have to restock my entire collection.” Sovos explained.

“So what do the runes mean?”

“Well these three” Sovos gestured ” mean barrier or wall, and the bottom two mean dirt. They work because my life force is put into each one as I write it”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Kurt interjected “Doing that to yourself?”

“No, why should it be? How do you think you walk, talk, and live? You use life force. With Geomancers, our life force is much larger than any other mortal race. If we use our powers, we live a normal span of years, if we don’t, we have a longevity that is the envy of all but the gods themselves. We can replenish ourselves by eating good solid food.” he said.

“Good solid food?”

“Things like meat and breads, cheeses and good clean water.”

“Meat? You eat meat?” Kurt said with a hurt expression on his face.

“Kurt, as a Biomancer, you should know that animals have their place. They look and act the way they do because they have been hunted by much more clever predators than man for longer than we have been around.”

“Oh, I do know that,” Kurt said with a small smile “It’s just how are you able to afford it is all I’m wondering.”

“How do you think? I’m a Geomancer. I seem to be drawn to places that have shiny and valuable things just below the surface. It’s a special skill of Geomancers called Rockhounding. In fact, here.” He dug in his bag and handed Kurt some crystals.

“These are a gift from me to you.”

“What are they?”

“They are called topaz, they have wonderful color, but if you leave them in the sun too long, they get bleached and their color fades.”

“So, what good are they then?”

“Well they are nearly as hard as diamonds, so they can be used in many of the same places. They are pretty enough to be jewelry and you could just do a trade for whatever it is you need.”

They walked in silence for a few miles, until Sig called out from above them.

“Yes! Sig says that he’s seen the city and we should be there by nightfall!” Kurt exclaimed.

“That’s good, I could really use a bath.” Sovos sighed

“A bath? Why would you want a bath?” Kurt asked incredulously.

“Have you never been to Far City before?” Sovos asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Up until I got my letter, I had never been outside of Fris.” Kurt said “But what does that have to do with taking a bath?”

“The only reason that Far City isn’t a ghost town is because of a unique feature, the hot springs. Nearly every business is a bath house with it’s own pool of nice hot water.” Sovos explained.

“Ah, well this will be a new experience for me then.” Kurt said.

“Are you saying that you’ve never been to a hot spring before or never had a bath before?” Sovos joked.

“I’ve had plenty of baths, but never in a hot spring. And how do you know about the springs to begin with?”

“Well, I haven’t been to Far City in a few years, I’ve been looking forward to this since before I was ‘expelled’.” Sovos said.

“It’s been that long?”

“Yeah, I came here last with some friends, we took one of our yearly breaks to come here.”

Sovos became quiet after he said that, lost in the memories of his friends. Balis, one of the few girls at the Academy, and a fellow Geomancer. Always laughing and smiling. Tight brown curls, freckled complexion, and rather short. She had always been flirtatious toward him, but the code that they, and all Geomancers, lived by forbade him from pursuing her until he had asked her father’s permission to do so. She knew this, but she still teased him about it.

Then there was Dra, the shape-shifter, who had always been a bit rude, but was loyal to a fault.

And finally, was his best friend, Svert the Pyromancer.

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