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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 21

“Halt!” one of the guards said.

“Alright, why?” Sovos asked.

“We’ve been put on the lookout for two people, a Necromancer and a Geomancer. Have you seen ’em?”

‘So, they don’t know about Kurt yet.’ Sovos thought.

“Well, you seen ’em or not?”

“Can’t say that I have, how about you Kurt?”

“Hardly likely,” Kurt said without missing a beat. “Geomancers are rare enough and the thought of a Necromancer in a city is unheard of.”

“Well, what about the girl? Has she seen ’em?”

Sovos had hoped that she could have stayed hidden behind him for a while longer, but they had agreed to a plan earlier in case this happened.

“Well, she could have looked right at them and not known it, you see, she’s blind.”

Before they had gotten to the gate, Sovos had put a few globs of mud on her eyelids, making them look scarred and scabby. He also lent her his staff to complete the illusion. This way, she could keep her eyes closed and hidden away.

“Yes, I was assisting a chemist and I caught an explosion in the face a few years back.” She said with a slight slur. “Killed him outright, only took my sight.”

‘At least she can think on her feet.’ Sovos thought

The guard looked ready to wave them through, but suddenly snapped to attention. The other guards quickly followed suit.

The fat man from earlier was leading another five guards toward them.

“Sergeant! Why have you not arrested them?” He demanded.

“Arrested who sir?”

“Them! The two people standing in front of you! It’s them, you pig-brain!”

“Well, I guess this little game is over.” Sovos said. He quickly pulled a dirt soldier golem scroll out of his bag. Kurt dropped into a boxing stance, Sig took an aggressive one. Elysia ran a hand across her eyes to knock the mud loose and pulled her dirk out of her sleeve.

“Listen, we don’t want to fight. If you let us leave, we will do so in peace. If, however, you insist on a fight, you will have one.” Sovos said calmly.

“The only problem I have with you, Geomancer, is that you assaulted me. I’ll let that slide if you give her to me.” He pointed to Elysia.

“You know very well I can’t do that.” Sovos said.

“So be it, guards take them.” He said with a snap of his fingers.

Sig instantly took off and hit the fat man full in the face, talons out. He pecked and screeched and clawed at the man, furrowing his face with bloody openings. He howled and tried to beat the bird away. Kurt used his small size and speed to every advantage they gave. He ducked under swords and arms, getting to their centers and giving them sharp jabs to their windpipes, leaving them coughing and gasping for air. Elysia set to work disarming them, slashing at hands and fingers, causing them to drop their weapons. Sovos drew his sword and used the pommel to knock a few senseless. It was all over in about ten seconds.

All the guards were groaning and most were bleeding on the ground.

“I tried to warn you,” Sovos said mildly to the fat man “but, you wouldn’t listen.”

Sovos motioned for the others to follow. The fat man mumbled something around his rapidly swelling lips.

“Sorry, didn’t catch that.” Sovos said with a hand to his ear.

“It does not matter where you go, word will spread, and as long as you protect that thing, you will be hunted.”

“Well, I’m used to that. The Council has been after me for a few years now.”

“The Council? Who are they?”

“Ignorance is bliss, I won’t bother telling you who they are.”

“You can’t escape! The entire garrison will have been alerted by now, they will be here shortly.”

“Well, we can’t have that.” Sovos threw the scroll at the ground.

A mound of dirt began to form, as if some out-sized mole was surfacing. A crude head formed, followed by shoulders, arms, torso and legs. The golem stood ten feet tall, hollow sockets stared out, there was no mouth or nose on the face. Three fingers where on each hand, two toes on each foot. The scroll was stuck high on it’s chest, right above where a human heart would be. The runes glowed with a fierce orange light.

Sovos addressed his creation. “Break!” he shouted. It melted back down to the mound and reformed into four smaller copies.

He ordered each in turn. “You, stay here. You, South. You, North. You, West.” The three melted back and moved as mounds to their posts.

“There, that should do it.”

“Sovos, what did you do?” Kurt asked.

“They will guard the gates, if anyone tries to leave the city with a weapon for the next three days, they will be stopped.”

“Why three days?” Elysia asked.

“Because by then, we will be safely in the Three Cities. Shall we be off then?”

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