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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 18

“What has got that look on your face?” Sovos asked.

“Look? What look?” Elysia questioned as she made her expression as blank as possible.

“You were smiling just as we came in.”

“Oh, it was nothing.” she said quickly

“May I help you find anything? Would you like to try something on?” a needle-thin woman said from behind the counter. She had gray hair, and spoke in a quavering voice. Other than that, she showed no other signs of age.

“No thank you. She’ll manage.” said Sovos

Elysia gave him a confused look. “What was that for?”

“Look, if you take off the hood, she’ll see your eyes. And as you well know, that could turn complicated very quickly. It would be better if you looked for your own things.”

“You’re right.” she admitted.

Sovos sat in a chair near the window as Elysia began to go through the piles of clothes.

‘Alright’ he thought ‘What do I know for sure about Necromancers?’ ′ he dug in his bag and pulled out a charcoal and a scrap of parchment, and wrote:

1. They can bring back the dead.

2. When the Royals were defeated, they fell into decline because they had assisted the Royals.

3. No other spell caster, or dark creature, is as despised as them.

It was often said that people would trust a demon before even talking to a Necromancer.

‘Now the big thing, what do I really want to know about them? Would she answer my questions?’

1. Why is a city of life a Necromancer pilgrimage site?

2. What caused them to become so desperate before joining the Royals?

3. What was the source of their power?

Every spell caster class had a natural source for their power. Biomancers had all of nature, it began and fuels their magic.

Geomancers had all non-living parts of the earth itself and their own life force.

Pyromancers had the Sun and their bare souls and emotions.

No one but the Necromancers knew where their powers came from, and they rarely spoke to anyone at all, let alone about their powers.

‘And here I am, a Necromancer under my protection. I would like to find things out if she’ll tell me.’

Elysia spent about a half an hour more looking through the shop, until she found two sturdy dresses, a new pair of shoes, (as she had been barefoot before) a cloak with a hood, and a sturdy leather bag to carry everything in.

Sovos paid with a gold coin and they walked outside

“Thank you.” Elysia said suddenly.

“For what?”

“For….this, I suppose.” She made a vague gesture “Without you and Kurt, I would probably be bleeding to death in a ditch outside of the city right about now. So, thank you. Really.”

“Well, I can’t speak for Kurt, but as for me, it was my pleasure.” Sovos said with a slight bow. “Besides, Kurt didn’t really do anything.”

“Oh, but he did.”

“How so?”

“He accepted me, he didn’t run or scream or try to get rid of me himself. He just took me as I am.”

“Well that is something then.”

“Yes, more than you know.”

Sovos measured the height of the sun in the sky. “It’s a bit late for lunch, and a bit early for supper, but I didn’t eat this morning, and I’m starting to feel it. How about we get something to eat?”

“Alright, just no meat.” she said

“I’m certain you have your reasons, but I won’t pry.”

“Again, thank you. My past is something I would prefer to keep to myself.” she said as she looked away.

Sovos led the way to a larger open area with tables surrounding the front of a cart.

“This is the place. People call this food ‘noodles’.”


“Yes, it sounds strange, but they taste excellent.”

“It is meatless right?”

“You don’t have to have meat on it if you don’t want to.”

Sovos walked up and ordered a ham and egg noodle and a vegetarian noodle for her. As they sat down to wait, Kurt came sprinting up to them.

“Well, where have you been?” Sovos asked

“Bad news, we have to leave.” Kurt gasped around great gulps of air.

“Why?” Elysia asked.

“Apparently the man that Sovos challenged is well connected. He’s having a squad of guards formed to get rid of us.”

“Well, this should get interesting before too much longer.” Sovos said with a grin “But I’ll need to get my….ah!”

The cook set down two steaming bowls in front of them. “Do we still have time to eat?”

“If you want to be chased out at sword point you do.” Kurt said with a roll of his eyes.

“Perfect. Do you want anything?”

“You can’t be serious!” Kurt shouted.

“I never joke when it comes to food! Do you want any or not?” Sovos asked.

Kurt glanced at the list on the wall.

“I guess I’ll have a plain one.” he relented.

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