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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 15

The girl stared at Sovos with those piercing eyes for a moment, then asked “Why?” in a confused half-whisper.

“Why? Because my code would forbid me from doing anything else.”

“Your code?”

“And I quote: ‘If a woman within your sight, regardless of class or power, is in danger, or need, you must act in her defense, or on her behalf’” Sovos stated

“That is your excuse?”

“Excuse for what?”

“For defacing a site sacred to the Necromancers?”

“What, this?” Sovos gestured to the shelf protruding from the wall. “Easily remedied.”

He reached into his bag and pulled out a scroll with a single rune on it: Restore

It stuck to the shelf, which retreated back where it came from, leaving the wall exactly the way it was before.

“But why would you care about a Necromancer site?” Sovos asked

“Because I am one!” she shouted angrily. “Or couldn’t you tell by looking at me?”

“Oh, I knew you were, but it’s still rude for me to assume anything, particularly with a woman.” Sovos said calmly

Kurt appeared by Sovos’ side “I can’t believe it! A real Necromancer!”

“Kurt, it’s rude to stare.”

“No, go ahead and stare!” she shouted again “Everyone else does…..when they aren’t….” she ended on a whisper.

“Well then,” Sovos said as if he hadn’t heard her whisper, “If that is all you require, my companion and I will leave you in peace”

“Actually I do need something now that you offered.” she said after a moment’s thought “I will hold you to your code Geomancer. I request that you continue to protect me while I am here. Being what I am, it’s only a matter of time before I am attacked again.”

“It would be my pleasure.” Sovos said with a slight bow.

At that Kurt grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away.

“Sovos! You can’t be serious! If you protect her and cause any more trouble, it’ll turn out bad for all of us!”

“Kurt, my code is my law. I can’t not do anything as long as I can see her.”

“Fine.” Kurt said after a moment “I just have a feeling that this will end badly”

“Oh, don’t worry, it usually does with me.” Sovos said with a grin.

He walked back over to her and said “Very well. I shall be your protector. However I would very much like to know who exactly I am protecting.”

She looked confused again “My name?”

“Yes, if you can.”

She hesitated “It’s been so long….”

“Since what?”

“Since anyone has bothered to ask for my name. Usually it’s just…..”

After a moment, Sovos said “So, have you forgotten?”

“No!…..It’s Elysia”

“Named for the twin goddess?”

She gave him another soul-piercing look with a question behind it.

“So Elysia, as your guardian, what would you have me do?”

“I would have you buy me new clothes, as what I’m wearing is being held together by a prayer. Also, I would very much like to take a bath, but no place in the city will let me in….”

“Don’t worry,” Kurt chimed in, “we know just the place.”

“What about my clothes?”

“If you are so worried about your modesty, this should do until we can get you new things. I would offer to go and get them while you are getting clean, but I think I would get rather strange looks going into a dress shop by myself.” Sovos said as he took off his cloak and handed it to her.

She took it and after a moment, put it on. On Sovos, it fell to the back of his ankles. On her, several inches of it were dragging along behind on the ground.

“Much better, now if you’ll pull the hood up and follow me.” Sovos gestured across the square to the Hot Hare Spring. They entered, the smell was just a strong as it was the night before. Sovos rang the bell and Laht came shuffling out.


“Hello again, Laht.”


“Well, I found a new friend this morning and I want to treat her to the best bath in the city.”

Laht’s face burst into his mostly toothless grin at begin called ‘the best’. Sovos paid him and pointed Elysia in the right direction.

“If there are any other customers, ignore them and keep your eyes down”

“No need to tell me that, I’m used to it by now.” she said over her shoulder.

Sovos began to pace as she went out of sight.

‘The day I abandon the Code is the day I die’ he thought ‘but still, Kurt may be right, this may end badly for all of us.’

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